Mentorship Program for New Members

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Omg, is this supposed to be here?

Bots have been one of the most painfull things in the game history, from spamming my Friend requests, to Spamming Plugins Commentaries, Spamming Broken Plugins, Spamming on the groups commentary section…

Or maybe it is a good thing?


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It’s just a native bot that provides tutorials. Feel free to talk to it in a DM to find out.


Oh interesting.

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As I said in the OP, the scalability of the project is definitely an issue:

But the same way we can’t have mentors for everyone, fortunately, not everyone needs a mentor. If we restrict the assigning to those who show that really need a mentor (either by continuous 0-strike flagging or even by the request of a chunk of the community), it should be more doable.

I didn’t want to use the term “babysit” because, contrary to what you may think the point is not being watching them 24/7 (mentors shouldn’t view this as full time) - instead, one is expect to accompany as needed. If a mentor realizes the New Member is walking on their feet, they can step back or even determine the end of the session as it’s not needed anymore.

Generally those will, as you said, not have the time to do it. Plus, most of them are Top Contributors already which puts them in a position where mentoring isn’t best suited for them.

By analogy, anyone who would complete the mentoring program in my college and passed all modules in the first year would most likely fail almost every module in the second year. If that happens, then we can assume that the mentoree wasn’t interested at all.

As I said earlier, the point isn’t for the mentor to become a virtual parent. “Responsability” only goes up to a point. If the New Member goes on trolling and such, that has nothing to do with the mentor (unless the mentor was abusing their position).

Moreover, Mentors shouldn’t have any deliberative power when it comes to moderation so that bias should not be too worrying as the mentorees will be viewed as equal by the moderation team.


This just isn’t feasible due to the fact that you can’t guarantee that there will be enough willing full members who are willing to dedicate their time to helping new members read the rule post.


As a new member I do like these ideas of changing it to what the old system used to be. I make allot of mistakes and I feel pressure of if I am following the rules which I don’t really know to well. But I’m trying my best to make a major effort to learn. Thanks from John.


I do agree that can be a barrier, but in my opinion the exact same could have happened with the Top Contributor program, and yet we’re here. We won’t know if we don’t try.

With the right set of perks we can have enough people to cover that chunk of New Members that still didn’t fully understand the rules of the Forum, as that is the one that can drive the most issues and would benefit more from this.

i don’t think that’s what I meant (read the OP again!). making someone reading a rule post doesn’t take weeks. :slight_smile:

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I feel like this kind of program is demeaning to new members and makes them feel like children. Having a “mentor” hold a new member by the hand and treating them like they don’t know anything about the forum just isn’t fair to the new members who know what they’re doing. A lot of the new members have been perfectly fine, it’s just easier to notice the people who make lots bad posts than those who don’t post very frequently.

This is a better solution, but sometimes people just need a warning and they’ll be fine after that. I don’t see a lot of people repeating the same mistakes over and over, and if they do then I think that more action should be taken than just giving someone a mentor.


To sum up what you said in the first paragraph:

And I do agree with you on the “treating like kids” thing. Most of the people that got into the DevForum since the new update are in fact users that have months of experience here as people who go through threads and saw how members acted in every reply/post. Altho we never really know if the mentor would actually ask about ones experience on the forum before proceeding to mentor.


No mention of sorting posts by quality? That’s too bad, I was really hoping that suggestion would stick more.

Either way, considering Roblox had trouble keeping up with applications already, I doubt there is even enough mentors available for mentor-ships, even in an optimal situation. It would be a huge undertaking to set up the communication streams required, and I’m not sure it would have a large enough impact to really work.

I’d at least need to see some analytics to really get on board with this idea.


To keep it short. I’m against this change. With the concerns of the amount of people getting let in, the availability of members being able to be a ‘mentor’, and how it’d be implemented.

The mentor should act as a link between the New Member and the Lead Top Contributors and Dev Engagement Team.

Any New Member can PM the Lead Top Contributors at any time if they have any concerns, go through post approval, or even general questions. I don’t understand why a “middle link” is needed.

It should be specified how many mentorees a mentor can handle at the same time (From two or three up to a dozen, it’s up to the mentor to decide)

This’ll be a problem given the amount of people getting accepted into the forums now, and to mention that I’m assuming only Members would be able to mentor someone
While you explained some solvable issues in a reply of yours. I just don’t think this type of thing is needed for the forums.


It’s a good idea in theory, but in reality, not many people would want to mentor others, nor do some people want to be mentored. The solution to “devforum problems” is as simple as forcing them to google before posting, and in my opinion, this request is reaally unnecessary.


As a new member myself, I quite like this idea and would find it very useful for me and other new members who are just joining the DevForum.


It seems like it isn’t needed as anyone with a fair sense of judgement can just ask someone with authority, DM a Member of the Developer-Relations Team and/or just do something as simple as a Google Search. There could also be some expansion on the Discobot Tutorials like @krunnie suggested.


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Although I have not been a (new) member for very long, I was accepted in early December and would read the forums before then; I think I can do a fair job helping others, and I know other new members could much better than myself. I think limiting this to members as mentors is not the best method.

Second, I think more realistically when it comes to things like reasonable collaboration posts, the best method may be to form general rules to follow formed by input from the community, giving an outline of what payments to give, etc. Although I would love to be a mentor and help out, I think the best method would to make more resources easily accessible with general “rules” set by the community.


How do I actually participate in the program?


You don’t. This is merely an idea. We’d all be notified if this idea became a reality however.

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