Menu bar player interaction behaviours

With the addition of the new coregui bar quite a few people have gone up in roar about the lack of customization, and that it can only be turned partially invisible. I’d like to think I’ve come up with a solution to fix this without having to change the visuals of the bar.

My proposal is to add new function similar to SetCoreGuiEnabled but instead of toggling coregui elements, it would change how the menu bar interacts with the user.

3 behaviors come to mind
[li]always on. fairly simple, it never goes away.[/li]
[li]off when not in the escape menu, but forced on and forced opaque when the escape menu is open. [/li]
[li] on when the mouse is near where the top bar would be, or if a mobile user swiped near the top of the app, but off if the pointer is away from the bar. This would also force it to be on when you are in the escape menu. * [/li]

* a .gif of this behavior if it isn’t clear

Most people who tinker with their games wont bother with the feature, just like how most dont bother with toggling coregui elements, so there wouldn’t be a concern for the bar never being seen in most places. This is a feature that would alleviate some of the backlash that’s coming form the developer community, and it would make the the menu bar far more customizable than it currently is.


On mobile devices swipes from the top/bottom of the screen have been reserved for system-level functions. Another issue that arises with hiding the top bar behind a gesture/button etc. is that menu, chat, backpack, player list become a two-step process to use on anything without a mouse.

my only real counter to that (and it’s not a very good one) would be most users who are turning the bar off, or partially hidden, are more than likely going to be using some form of custom backpack in the first place / have most of those bar buttons off anyways.

I’d also argue that the backpack process isn’t streamlined to begin with as it involves multiple clicks across the vertical of the screen now, and dragging tools into your toolbar. A swipe down, or to the side, or some gesture to open the bar doesn’t seem to be a major compromise when it’s already an action intensive process to organize your toolbar anyways.