Mesh in blender does not look the same in studio

I made a car in blender, but when I import it into studio, parts of it in studio don’t look the same as in blender. Here is the part of the car that get’s broken when it’s in studio

What it looks like in blender:

What it looks like in studio:

Notice how that corner looks a bit… odd. I even enabled the “DoubleSided” property, but it still looks weird.

When I open this mesh up in some 3rd party software (such as 3D Viewer) it also looks just fine:

This sometimes happens try importing it into a newly made place (within a few minutes) and then coping it to the place you want to use it in.

I imported it to one of my private games, and it still didn’t work.

Ok, go into blender edit mode press 3 select that face delete it press 2 select the edges going around it and press f to add in the face then try importing it.

does it look any better if you click the “doublesided” property for the mesh?

The faces* in that area are flipped. In Blender, if I remember right, select that face that’s not looking right in Studio and then shift-N to flip it the right way. I had the same issue a long time ago.

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Yeah I think even with the normals flipped, if he clicks the “DoubleSided” property it’ll be fixed… You’re right though, that’s probably why…

As what file did you export it? Im guessing .obj? If you did export it as obj please try exporting it as .fbx

I tried exporting it as an fbx file, it did nothing to solve my issue.

If it isn’t an inverted face issue, then it’s likely a triangulation one. Triangulate your mesh and export it again.

Edit, since you marked this as a solution I wanted to link to this post that dives deeper into why triangulation fixes this problem here:


Alright, thanks for the help everyone, I’ll try each solution out and see which one works after school.

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Pls read:

Thanks though…