Mesh Splitting Enabled for Uploading Multi-Mesh Files


Yes! I’ve been waiting for this, amazing update.

This will really help a lot, thanks for making my developing easier.

Keep it up! Some of these updates really helps take the stress away.


Awww man, I needed this yesterday, I spent 4 hours importing mesh piece by piece :frowning:
This update has been needed for a while now, good features releasing in 2019 for sure!


All of the modelers on my team are very happy about this change. Sounds like we’ll be able to add monsters to our game faster now :slight_smile:


Thanks alot! It was taking me hours to import a map with each part seperately… This is a huge time saver for me!


This will be excellent for my models, thanks a lot for this!




Thanks SO MUCH for this. It was so much extra work to save multi mesh files into individual and then upload them separate, this just makes mesh life so much better.


Now, only one last thing to make my mesh importing experience perfect… If you could handle a mesh with multiple textures mapped to a single mesh. To where, either the textures are combined into one, or the mesh is auto split.


Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I’ve been waiting for the day when we would be able to seperate polygons with meshes…


This is a great feature to have for uploading meshes!


Okay, now this? This is epic.


Thank you :pray:


Yes thanks for the topic i’m glad to see this :slight_smile:


Woohoo! :heart: :tada:


Woaaaahhh!!! This is awesome! I feel like we’ve gotten an entire year’s worth of updates in the past month alone! I can already tell that 2019 is going to be a fantastic year for new features.


Thank you for this! It’ll save me a lot more time!


Thanks - this was a much needed update.


Possibly the best news a 3D Modeller could ever hear!!! thanks a ton roblox!! now I can import a mesh without having to keep placing mesh parts!


this is cool and all but when are we gonna be able to do this with place files that havent been published into games? i import meshes more in place files than published games so i cant use all these neat features with the game explorer as much as i want to :frowning:


About time, i’ve been waiting years for something like this. Perfect.