Mesh Splitting Enabled for Uploading Multi-Mesh Files


Excellent update. On the topic of adding multiple assets can we upload multiple decals to groups on the website as well?


Is there any plans to allow multi-mesh uploading to individual item IDs, rather than into our Game Explorer?


Hmmm. Yes.

Wanted to get into importing 3d models like cars but didn’t wanna import a single mesh after mesh and this gonna make me want to start.


Thank you for this early easter gift!


oh my gosh


Great update, but I’ve already experienced a problem with it.

After importing a rocket that I made in blender using the new import, I received the following errors:


I have no idea how these names could be possibly inappropriate. In the future, I will be using a lot of this rocket terminology in my naming and it would be very tedious to try to rename each object using trial and error until it meets the specifications of the broken moderation system. I hope there is a solution to this soon.


This is super awesome! With this new update, I am going to make a lot of maps for my project 10x faster! Thank you so much! :clap::heart:


Hi Sublivion! Yes, we’re aware of this problem and have a fix for this and a few other minor things. They should be coming in an upcoming release.


Great feature, I was able to make my sword better by splitting the original mesh. The blade looks much better with neon.



Would be really nice if we could upload multiple decals at the same time.


Awesome update, team! It’d be awesome if we could do this with other file types as well but as someone currently experimenting with meshes this will help out a ton! :hearts:


Thank you.


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This is amazing! It’s really made things 10x more efficient, one thing I’d request is the ability to update existing meshs upon re-uploading the same multi-object file. That, and the ability to rename objects rejected for “inappropriate” names instead of having to upload all the objects as duplicates again.


This is the thing we’ve been waiting for!


Thank you so much for this feature now it is finally easier to make something in blender with multiple parts and the parts are still in the right spot thank you so much this will save a lot of time! :+1:


Thanks for this, this makes things so much easier for making things like swords, any gun things and also any clothing or armor. what ever a person builds.:partying_face:


Hi Orlando777,

We’ll consider your feedback for general improvements. And while we won’t be offering the ability to rename objects right away, upload should be much more robust against “inappropriate” names in an upcoming release, so hopefully you don’t need to rename at all :slight_smile:


Awesome update!


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