Mesh turning blue when imported to studio

When exporting a model from blender to studio, it turns blue.

In blender:

In studio:

If you have an solution please reply to this post.

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could be due to the lighting of your game, can you send a screenshot
or just remove everything in your lighting and tell me if its the same

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Is the texture you are using transparent in the white areas?
What colour are the MeshParts in Studio?

And as @IcyMonstrosity said, what are the Lighting Properties (not the descendants) in the Properties window?

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make sure the color of the texture instance is pure white. weird how most are blue but a few aren’t

Normal Colour of a mesh

No, its not

As @casey said, it’s something to do with the overall colour being blue. I didn’t look close enough to realize the No Parking signs and every red item is showing up black as well.

What type of files are you using for your texture? Are they .BMP, JPEG, or .PNG (or many of the other file formats used by Blender?

And again, we’d like to know your Studio Lighting Properties. It could be very helpful.

They are PNG files

What happens if you load your Meshes into a blank baseplate with none of the Lighting settings changed and none of the Lighting children added?

Same thing happens. The mesh turns that blue colour.

Half of these signs are blue, so it must be the import method you’re using, are you sure the images themselves aren’t blue? Can you provide the images in private that are blue?

The images have a white background and I am exporting it as a FBX.

Try to do the solution in this discussion.
Export the objects separately using .obj and if doesn’t work then just export the image and import as .png

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