Meshes could not be fetched

I’m making a Revival from the game Sonic Eclipse Online (i think nobody know about this game but that not the topic thing)
before the game get deleted by Copyright, the meshes started to disappear (and some textures, but it’s not textures what i want to know.)
in output i’m keep getting this error:

i tryed to do this, a solution who i founded in this topic:

but it’s dont working, a character after the game get deleted:

someone can help me to make the meshes appear? (i dont own these meshes, ok?)

anyone to help?

This has been happening today and it will probably stop on its own soon.


I didn’t understand, I just became a member today if I’m not mistaken. will he stop with the meshes? because the creator of the game said on his youtube channel that the creator of this meshes was hacked and they archived everything.

and the owner of the meshes is inactive

I think they mean that Roblox is having server trouble today. however if the user is archiving the meshes they will no longer show up even when Roblox fixes whatever issue is occuring.

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oh ok, this is not a server issue, the meshes as been taken down for 2 years because sonic eclipse online got deleted in 12/27/21.
so this is not a server issue.

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someone have a solution for me?

If its taken down, there is no way to get it unless you have an alternate source.

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but idk why this game make it all APPEARING AGAIN

robloxapp-20230115-1217111.wmv (3.1 MB)


real game stats now:

robloxapp-20230115-1224022.wmv (4.9 MB)

this fixed game is WHAT??? the developer from the game is what??? and how he (Or she) can do this???

nobody? well thanks for the help :frowning: :crying_cat_face: