MeshParts don't scale under 0.2 studs

Can this be fixed real quick please? I’ve literally had to stop all dev because I had a gun built out of a ton of meshes that were imported from Blender but now I have to go through one by one to scale them and use Parts with SpecialMeshes, which wouldn’t be so much of a problem except…

MeshPart1 has MeshID XY and is size 1,1,1

Part1 has MeshID XY (same as MeshPart1’s) and the same size (1,1,1)

The problem is that the Mesh isn’t the same size even though the scale and the size of the part and meshpart are the same. This is another situation altogether (just had to explain why converting to SpecialMesh wasn’t a reasonable option)

What I want is to just let us scale MeshParts to <0.2 like we can Unions. All the tiny details on my gun are expanded up to 0.2 studs


A lot of other gun games have larger gun models shown to the first person user due to the clipping plane.

Do you do this or are you trying to squish everything to be 1:1 scale with the gun models you see on other users? Some details (screenshots) on the issue you’re having could help!


Nothing is bigger or smaller.

hotfix: convert the small MeshParts to SpecialMeshes and use the Scale property of the mesh. I encountered this when making the Tiny Tanks update: the 3D preview makes some parts smaller than 0.2 studs in a dimension, and they were awkwardly scaled up until I changed to the aforementioned fix.

You miss understood me. I spent like half the thread explaining why that’s not a viable option.

Not sure we can tell what you mean. What’s wrong with using SpecialMesh.Scale?

It’s independent of BrickSize (unlike MeshParts) which means I have to go in and scale it myself.

Boohoo? You can use math to determine how much it should be scaled:

scale = newoverallsize/originaloverallsize

Don’t you already have to scale meshparts? Blender imports are really huge due to blender’s exporter iirc

I can use math or they can just unlock the 0.2 scale. No need to be an ass about it.

He’s probably referring to the over-dramatic “I’ve literally had to stop all dev”, so it’s well warranted.

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I’m not sure why it’s limited (but there probably is a reason) but even if it was unlocked you wouldn’t see the update for two weeks. It’s probably going to be quicker to use SpecialMeshes

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They said once that it was limited because physics get too weird below 0.2 studs.

If physics are the only problem, it seems like a more helpful behavior than not allowing any small parts would be to just disable collisions for parts under a certain size.

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or rounding physics to 0.2. Not like it’d be possible to tell the difference.

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I don’t see anything wrong with this. You’d be surprised at how little is handed to you in game development. If you stopped development every time you came across a small problem, you would never complete anything. Problem-solving something like this is simple.


Indeed it is! Just check that little box that lets us scale them down and the problem is solved.

Also I’m quite aware of problem solving. I’ve made 48-union articulated rigs run with 58 players at 60fps even when you told me it couldn’t be done.

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oh, and size limit can always be defeated by saving as a .rbxlx or .rbxmx and changing the numbers in a text editor. I might try to carve out some time this weekend to make a tool for that.

MeshPart->SpecialMesh conversion is impossible to automate in Studio. It’s definitely not something you want to do by hand, either

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Comedy gold.

I never told you it couldn’t be done. Your users aren’t getting 60 FPS though; last I heard, most were averaging 15.

Regardless, there’s not really a little checkbox for this, and even if there was, it wouldn’t be touched. The size limit exists to prevent small accidents from really breaking things with physics.