MeshParts, Shirts and Pants - Color3 support

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to recolor person’s outfit (Maybe when applying a poison effect? Just giving an example.)

It is technically possible in Roblox engine, because you can recolor faces (decals on chars) without any problem, so it would require adding the said setting to other objects.


  • For packages, it would just recolor the texture. Part color would stay.
  • Shirts, T-Shirts and Pants would work like Decals.

If Roblox is able to adress my issue, it would save us more time.
Some people want to have color-changing outfit in their games, some want to make cool poison effect.
Possibilities are endless.


I completely agree and I’m not sure why this isn’t already a thing. We have it for decals, textures and other 2D and 3D image objects, so why not clothing too? Would greatly speed things up not having to upload the same clothing several times to get different colours.


this is a old stuff that i made.

basicaly u need to have a shirt made of white to black, and use it as a color3 but you cant use it as catalog item only if u set a specific shirt to the game.

here an example.

i also made a 3d cloth that coud work with that too if the texture was from white to black.