Messages made with SetCore "ChatMakeSystemMessage" no longer move with chat

When SetCore(“ChatMakeSystemMessage” is used, any messages created by it now stay at the bottom of the chat and don’t move alongside player messages.

The issue? It congests the chat to the point it’s filled up with system messages and you can no longer see player messages.



This has been happening a lot lately, Jailbreak is one of the worse cases effected by this. It’s become impossible to chat at all sadly. I tried to re-produce it for myself and I can confirm it did happen in Studio also when I tested it. It also effects team change messages and the “you are now whispering with X”

(GIF from jailbeak not mine)

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This is likely the same issue as described here Team Change Messages and Other Messages Stay In Place in Chatbox

It looks like there was a flag flipped yesterday which is responsible, this can be changed back in an hour or two when the office is open.


Good to hear it’s a fast and easy solution. That’s rarely the case for us programmers ^-^

This should be fixed now, sorry about the delay.

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