Messaging Service Error: "Message Router Service Disconnected"

So I’m trying out the new MessagingService API but every time I try and use PublishAsync() or SubscribeAsync() I get an error saying “Message Router Service Disconnected” and have no idea what it means.

Can anyone help me?

At this time, you need to be a beta tester in order to use the MessagingService. The MessagingService is not open to all developers yet.

You can read more here MessagingService Beta Release

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This error appears because the MessagingService is not yet fully open.

Unfortunately, you either need to become a beta tester or wait until it’s finished.

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Oh yeah thats right, my mistake. Is there a way to apply for beta testing or how does it work exactly?

You can go to this thread to find out more information about how to enroll in the Roblox Beta Program.

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You should mark @CreditsMix’s comment as a solution, so that people know this is solved.

I have encountered the same errors, though I realize the issue.

When can we expect this service to exit seclusion and enter the public scene for all developers?

Does anyone have an official deadline or an ETA?

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I feel like a better place to ask this would be on the official thread.

but yeah I kinda want to know when this will be released to non-beta members.