MessagingService disconnecting more often in the last few days

Ever since a few days ago, MessagingService has become a lot less reliable, as in the output logs it repeatedly says “MessagingService disconnected”. More information can be seen here: Messaging Service: Service Disconnected

I don’t understand why this is happening as the requests are well within limits…

This has affected all of our games that use MessagingService especially for the lobby systems.

Has anyone else been experiencing this?


hey @Hyperant, sorry about this - we had some surges that happened a couple times this morning that weren’t properly dealt with, so clients were disconnected during those moments. we’re currently working on a solution!


This seems to be inferring that you have only tracked cases this morning (if this is an written oversight please let me know) however I have been noticing similar behaviour within the past week.

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we do have intentional disconnects on a daily basis. the ones that have happened this morning weren’t planned for…do you have some examples or timestamps of when this happened to you previously? I can look into it further to see if there’s something we missed.


Thought I’d add it here instead of making a whole new post.

My game is currently utterly broken because MessagingService is not working right now.

Game: Tower Defenders - Realm Rush: Tower Defense - Roblox

Edit: This came out of nowhere and has never been an issue before. To the best of my knowledge this is not an error within my code but an HTTP issue.


I’m experiencing the same issue since yesterday. Once yesterday, twice today.


October 3, at 9am PST there is a dip in messages published/received from topics a minute. Dotted line is comparing to previous week

October 4 (today), at 8am and 10:05am there are dips

Because there doesn’t seem to be a way to detect that the MessagingService:SubscribeAsync connection lost its subscription, there isn’t a way for the server to recover and breaks my game in some cases.


I’m also seeing this in my game, Welcome to Farmtown. I use MessagingService for broadcast messages, shutdown notices, and a global chat channel. All of these have been down almost all day, with some intermittent periods of things working again.

This is all really good information. I plan on taking this feedback back to the team this week to see what immediate improvements we can make, so that these issues don’t happen again for the same causes, and if some other catastrophe happens, that the service & clients can fix themselves.

I’m sorry about the issues, and I appreciate y’all taking the time to report/respond. I’ll update this thread when we have some development.


Sorry for the necrobump, but I figured it was better than making a new thread.

I’ve been seeing an issue starting in the last hour or so with messages being received multiple times. I haven’t changed anything in my code and I’m not really sure how it’d be possible from my end as it only calls PublishAsync once in a chat filter callback.

I did try subscribing in an empty VIP server with something that just prints it out, and I’ve noticed that I consistently receive the message only once if it’s sent from my server, but 4-5 times from other servers. It’s also triggering the rate limit, so it’s tough to get more info. But it definitely sounds like it’s happening somewhere deeper in the API, since I’m not getting duplicates in the same server.

@mr_smellyman thanks for the report. We were able to reproduce this issue and we’re looking into it further.


It doesn’t seem to be an issue today, so if you turned off a flag, that must’ve done it. Thanks.