Micro profile help | Performance Issues

I released my game very recently, but I have experienced insane lag, I tried to use micro profile but I have 0 clue on what it says and there is little to no info on the wiki or the videos posted on it


I have seen on other posts that maybe if you try to lower the data in your game (For example from 60MB to 50MB) it might help with the lag. Happy new year.

So you want to in a way get rid of lag or improve lag?

i’m trying to get rid of the lag as much as possible.

could you explain what do you exactly mean by lowering data?

ok this might sound weird, but whats your fps?

Like maybe it could be the fact that you have way too many items in your game, or just many unnecessary scripts.

does it actually matter what’s inside those scripts?

I’m not really sure, but other people have tried lowering the amount of items they have in the game, and it worked.

it depends on the amount of players but the highest is 40. and the lowest is literally just 1

To fix the lag I would make group of parts into Unions so it will count as one part and it will lag less!

That is actually a pretty good idea. It will count as one and therefore you wouldn’t need to get rid of anything.

i don’t have a massive folder of unions laying around, they are properly grouped

yes that is why my games does not usually lag at all!

Yes but thats the best way currently possible!

But just union the parts that are for decor in my opinion

my map is only 3k parts, yes it has unions but it wouldn’t lag it to this insane amount.

Try to lower your graphics mode,like set it to no graphics.

This will not in anyway affect the actual graphics but it will improve lag(hopefully)

To do this just copy my steps
1.Go to Roblox Studio
2.Click “File”
3.Click “Settings”
4.Click on “Rendering”
5.Set QualityLevel to either 20 if your going for top quality graphics, or in your case set it to Level01
6.Then go to graphics mode which is in Rendering as well and set it to either OpenGL or none

EDIT:Sorry i replied to the person above me

yes thats another way I recommend putting it to 6 in your case

the thing is, this lag isn’t just for me but all of my players.