Midnight Horror (Roblox Horror Game)

Hey horror fans! Recently we released and revamped our game Midnight Horror, if you love horror games and want to play one during Halloween click the link below.

Game: Midnight Horror - Roblox


Thank you! :smiley:


Looks like a well made game but I’m not into horror games. 4.5/5


This is an amazing horror game, you really did this right. I left out of fear, I congratulate you this is how horror games should be done.


Great game quality. I didn’t play much of it, as I jumped 10 feet in the air when the lightning struck (no joke), but, from what I saw, it was great quality. Really well built, good effects, and overall great quality. Keep up the good work!


This Is amazing and you have really made a game which fits perfectly with the theme.
This Game shines between the other horror games and you did a good job.
Even from just the images provided you have done a crazy good job
keep up the good work and have a great rest of your day :smiley:

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Thank you, we put so much effort into this game and we are SO glad you liked it.

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Thank you! we really love the feedback!

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We are very pleased you liked the game, we will 100% be working on it in the future so expect tons of new things!

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its so good! one thing is that at the end my mouse gets stuck.

cant move my mouse anywhere.

edit: ok now it works i just had to zoom out

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. You had just the right amount of suspense and jump scares to keep me on edge :flushed:

The only problems I had with it was:

  • The walking sound…I sounded like a Mii character
  • The ending

The ending I had was called “another nightmare”. It wasn’t bad but it did throw me off a bit. The shift from the basement to the hallway was epic! Loved it! :smile: But the dialogue between the character and the monster just seemed off. You could work a bit more on the execution of that. Make it so the player leaves chilled with what they’ve learned about themselves and the monster.

Otherwise, phenomenal job! I’ll be playing this again :grin:

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I dont really know what im supposed to do, ive walked everwhere, and that random jumpscare happened, didnt even make me jump, just made me blind because of how saturated it was. Can you explain what is going on

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Yeah all you have to do was scroll out.

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You have objectives on the bottom of your screen, it should have told you to find a way to turn on the power.

We may change some stuff around in the future, such as the conversation between you and the monster.

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I love it! You guys did an excellent job :smiley:

alrighty, finished it, I think (was in a endless brick hallway with a pipe) jumpscares could get a bit better, and try to turn down the brightness, everything is fuzzy and it hurts my eyes.

Absolutely stunning! Well done! Only Horror Games that gave me chills. You could improve the UI’s, and the donation screen at the end was glitched. My cursor was stuck in the middle and I could not donate.


Not a bad game, not scary enough in my opinion.

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That is amazing! 9.75/10, it almost got me a heartattack.

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Al you need to do is scroll out, Ill figure out a way to fix it.