Mihnealihnea's modelling portfolio

About Me

Greetings! I am Mihnea. I have been on Roblox since 2014, and over time have took an interest in creating content.

Meanwhile I know my fair share of Lua, this portfolio is gonna be focusing solely on my modelling skills.
I have only took modelling up in 2021 just as the UGC applications closed in March, but I am fairly confident my skills have improved rapidly and will continue to improve over time, and the chance to be part of the UGC will help me improve even quicker.

I am currently using Blender for modelling and texturing. I do plan on buying substance painter if I do manage to get in to help enrichen my textures.


Since March, I have done plenty of 3D models, out of which only a modest number qualify to be shown off, though some models here may be lacking in quality they will be kept towards in to showcase the ideas themselves.
Please note that models that are not UGC concepts are showcased at the end. Some of the models showcased there might be more recent or better than the UGC concepts. Additionally, not all clothing/accessory models are listed in this section due to not being intended for the UGC or being commissions.

Treetop hat & coconut backpack



My submissions for the 2022 UGC wave

The first concept is meant to be similar to an angel halo but with a cog; I later found it to look far better positioned vertically rather than horizontally, and is showcased as such at the end.
The second concept is a merry go round skirt, or as I prefer to nickname it, a circuskirt; admittedly I should’ve put more horses around it, once again, shown at the end after the actual submission.

(Do note the last image is just the dress duplicated and slightly rotated as I did not go back in Blender to update it)

Complex top hat

Generally, putting forward a tophat as an example of my 3D modelling expertise would be bad form, but I do think this is an admittable exception.

Additionally: It looks relatively acceptable even when scaled up!


The two examples I have submitted in the UGC form

The first of which is several flasks filled with poison! Rather generic, works with a lot of medieval outfits and has a rather comic book style with the reflections.


The second being an accessory that makes it seem like the player is being carried atop of a snake in a cage, guarded by 2 watchmen and a keyholder on top. I have chosen the animal to be a snake as having chosen something with legs would’ve been jarring whenever the player moved but the legs didn’t.

The other idea for the UGC form that the snake got chosen over

Meant to make the player look like a king on a throne that’s being carried by a servant.

Pop hat

The Magician's Assistant

A rather simple idea, a target behind the player meant to resemble the one knife throwers use.


Snowflake Embers

Might have to redo this at some point with a shape more reminiscent of that of a snowflake.

Cookie shield

That’s one sweet defense.

TV head series

This idea is more than a TV head. The idea was to sell individual accessories that only fit TV heads so you can customize it further with hats and such, so that multiple users wearing this can look different and fit it to more outfits. The face here is blank, however the idea is to sell multiple bases with various faces/variations.


Candle Tophat

One of my earliest concepts I can still show off confidently.

Studio Bowler

This one is a bit messy texture-wise as I still had not learned how to turn off bleed and properly unwrap.

My two entries for the nature themed UGC contest

Thought the contest ended at the end of the month. Found out it ended on the 15th hours before the deadline, so the antlers are not textured properly.


Non-UGC models

High-poly sculpture

Several character models

The first model is meant to look like a toy, cue the glossier texture.

Mimic bowling

Easter eggs

Admittedly, the texture-only eggs are not my proudest.

Horror game antagonist

Horror themed-model

Cartoony models for "Dreamception" GDC game jam entry

All the assets below were produced in circa 1 week.


Headbands + shuriken + kunai

Christmas tree


"Marine" cap and coat


Pop music themed entrance

Chibi-like non-human characters



A simple scenery

The first image shows the model after it had been simplified to fit within Roblox studio. Second image shows the model as it was in blender prior to simplifying.

A large metal gate

Pet simulator style bee (Faceless as per commission)

Initial more cubical version:

Commissioned car


Commissioned body

Please note that this model was not made from scratch, but rather used a starting point provided by the client, which was then heavily altered. The woman rig head provided by Roblox was used as a base for the head as well.


Commissioned low-poly stylized cars



Pop culture characters

A book/tome (Mostly proof of ability with PBR materials

4 cake variants

Robot arm



Commissioned low-poly rabbit


Maps and playable portfolio projects

Cairo map. Taken semi-leniently on a reference provided by the client, this is a pretty good example of a low(ish) detail but pretty spanning map I’m able to do.

Mostly unfinished car dealership. Definitely not my proudest map, especially as I would’ve personally done a few things differently if not for client request.


Outside of holidays, I’m free during weekdays to dedicate an hour or two per day to 3D modelling, and up to 5 (Or possibly more if I am not able to finish an accessory in that time) on each weekend day.


I am taking commissions in both Robux and USD/Euro.
I generally request half the payment after receiving the request, prior to starting work, and half after the preview images are sent and agreed upon as the final product, though this can be negotiated on in special cases.


For any inquiries feel free to contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at Mihnea#2009!

Edit log

9/15/21: Added the edit log and “Non-UGC” models section with two examples of my non-accessory work.
10/16/21: Added commission info.
10/17/21: Added some commissioned models to the portfolio.
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10/22/21: Added horror-themed model to the portfolio.
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2/5/22: Update portfolio with several commissions.
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4/3/22: Updated portfolio with my 2022 UGC wave submissions as well as the assets I made for “Dreamception”.
4/14/22: Added a pet example.
4/25/22: Added a sculpture example.
5/16/22: Added some commissioned models to the portfolio.
8/2/2022: Added some more UGC concepts.
8/2/2022: Added this log and the previous one.
8/21/2022: Added “Marine” cap and coat.
9/6/2022: Added a commission to the list of examples.
3/10/2023: Added 3 character examples, a toilet, a chest, 2 maps, a book and everything surrounding it in the render, a throne, eggs.