Mimic lantern making blender look weird (ill explain in the desc)

Good afternoon everyone! I’m having a little problem. So, what happened was that I was resuming my gfx test and I tried to import a lantern from The Mimic game from Roblox Studio into Blender and this happened…

The whole floor turned grey with an orange outline. Let me know if you know how to fix this

Hello, I think you exported the lantern + ground to blender. What you can do to fix it is selecting the lantern, press Tab to go into edit mode. Then you press C, you will get a selection tool. Now you press z and go into wireframe mode. Select the whole ground now with the selection tool and press the right button and dissolve/delete Vertices

I hope this will work. If you have more questions LMK!

Ok, I’ll try that out. Tysm! Btw, when I delete the lantern, the floor goes back to normal

Oh, when you press on the lantern does the ground get an orange outline, or nah?

Umm… It was like that when I first spawned it in.

Okay, but you don’t want the floor to be there?

But, when I click off of the lantern, the orange outline goes away, but the floor is still grey

No, I want to floor to be normal, the way it is when you first open blender.

So the floor changed since you imported the lantern?

Yup, the floor just turned grey

Okay. When you click on the floor you will get the orange outline, does the lantern also get the outline or not?

Yeah, when I click on the floor, it has that orange outline and so does the lantern.

Okay, that’s fixable.

  1. select the floor
  2. Press Tab to go in edit mode.
  3. Press Z to go in wireframe mode.
  4. Press C to get the selection tool.
  5. Select the whole floor with the selection tool.
  6. Press the right mouse button
  7. Go to separate en select Selection.

Now the floor and the lantern will be separated I think.

Change the color steps:
8. Go to this tab when you selected the floor. image
9. Press on the - symbol on the top right of this tab.

The floor return to its original color.

I hope this is the solution :slight_smile:

Alrighty, I’ll go check it out right now and I’ll let you know what happens.

How do you select the whole floor and what should it look like?

It will look like this.

Oh ok. Cuz i did what you said and when i was holding the left mouse button on the floor it wasn’t, doing anything

You need to select the little dots on the corners

Ohhhhhhhh ok. Will it look like this when you select one of the dots?

Yes! And if you select all the dots your MeshPart will turn orange.