Mind Plugin - A Plugin for our Creativity

Mind Plugin - A Plugin for our Creativity

Welcome to Mind!

What is Mind? Mind is a plugin that fuels creativity and keeps inspiration within reach. Created with the help of AI.

What is the Mind for? The Mind is the ideal plugin for maintaining a reference at your side or for inserting it directly into your build.

How to use the Mind Plugin?

Image Reference

When you first start using the Mind plugin, you’ll have the immediate capability to input your Image ID.

Simply click ‘Load’, and you’ll be able to position it wherever necessary or insert it onto a part using the ‘Insert’ button.”

If you wish to make modifications, simply click on the ‘Change’ button.

Text Reference

To utilize the ‘Text Reference’ feature, simply write down your ideas. This straightforward process allows you to easily capture and organize your thoughts.

After entering your ideas, simply click ‘Save’. Please note that while we strive to ensure data integrity, we cannot guarantee against any potential loss of information while using this feature.

What's to come?


  • Mind Map Widget: The Mind will allow you to conveniently place multiple images and notes within a single widget, creating a comprehensive and easily accessible mind map.

Where can i get it?

You can conveniently acquire the Mind plugin from the Creator Marketplace.

We greatly value your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on the Mind plugin. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Your input helps us make Mind even better.


Wait, explain again in detail what this plugin does?


The Mind Plugin is a tool that allows you to place an image on your screen for reference while you’re building something. Here’s a simplified explanation:

  1. Image Reference: You can add an image with a Image-ID to the Mind Plugin. This image will appear on the side of your screen and can be used as a reference while you’re building.
  2. Advanced Option - Image Insertion: As an advanced feature, you can also insert the image directly onto a part. This allows you to build around the image, using it as a guide.

Feel free to experiment with these features yourself. Apologies for any previous misunderstanding. I hope this explanation is clearer!

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My Mind is having trouble understanding the Mind plugin.


My mind is scared to click on it… what should I do?



If you prefer not to click the link, you can also independently search for the Mind Plugin on the Creator Marketplace.

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So you can take notes and see a reference? A separate Docs or Slides window is a better option imo.


This is just an reference importer, My mind is confused about an reference importer when I did something like this for InCommand for temporary images.

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The Decal on the part will be more comfortable for reference


I’m glad this helps you out! :+1:

Great news! The ‘Text Widget’ is now fully functional and ready for integration into your workflow. Feel free to incorporate it as needed!”

This seems like a plug-in I’m willing to use… I keep having to switch tabs while building w/reference photos, and this could help. Seems great to me!

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On my bucket list is even a Mind Map feature where you will be able to do all in just one Widget.

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Did AI make the idea? If not, what does the AI contribute?

While I’m not an expert in scripting, I’ve managed to refine and enhance the code generated by AI. My contributions primarily involve polishing the code and improving the look and feel of the plugin.

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