Minigame ideas for my tennis game that I am working on?



Hey everyone. As you may know, I created a topic where you suggest some court ideas for my realistic tennis simulator game. Many of you came up with some great ideas! So, I have decided to make a topic where you come up with minigame ideas for my tennis game for me. The minigames I am planning to make are a target breaking one, a ball hitting point game, a dodging minigame, and so on. But, I need you to come up with new ideas for minigames, and these minigames can improve your stats of your custom player, and also be multiplayer compatiable, and there can be contest events where you play minigames to achieve the highest score, and if you are in the top 10 of that event’s leaderboards, you get a prize and a reward. So, please come up with great minigame ideas.

Here is the link to my court ideas topic if you want to view it. LINK: I need some court ideas for my tennis game. Any suggestions?

Thank you.


Man, I think you need first things first. Do you have the base game done? Or at least in a PoC stage?


What does PoC mean? Can you please tell me what it means and tell me what PoC is about?



I think I have it in a Proof of Concept stage. I am currently working on the Inferno Volcano court, which is still a W.I.P. So far, I have only done 1 court that is still a W.I.P. After I finish the Inferno Volcano court, I will start to do more. I have also done the HUD and menus (W.I.P) in PowerPoint, and I will try to recreate it in ROBLOX.


Before starting working on anything big, or doing the whole game, you should definitely have a smaller “prototype” phase, essentially acting as a much much smaller version of what you have planned to see if it’ll work well with your audience and such. Then you can expand onto your bigger dream of what you want it to be :3

In terms of the question, I think it’d be cool if you had multiple balls, maybe one of which is a “trick ball” to confuse the player which they’re not supposed to hit or suffer a penalty. Sounds like it’d be interesting to me :3 But you should definitely get a prototype out for the core game before working on more different gamemodes to add.


Thank you for the advice! I’ll try doing that now. But I need a dev team to do that. I am buildimg the courts, the rackets, the balls, and the menus. Also, that idea of a trick ball sounds pretty interesting to me!

Thank you.


I believe wii sports resort had some cool tennis minigames setup for practicing, perhaps those could be of use.