Mirrors #2 First level finished

So I finally finished the first level which is really good. Any feedback on the design choice or something else. It’s also the first somewhat puzzle/ trick in the game.Any suggestions and thoughts would kindly be appreciated

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Can you supply a link please.
I could not find your game using search.

Its not publicly released yet it is still under development

so its just a picture you are asking for feedback on.
Can you give us any more to look at?

How about an explanation the level is based on trick basically you have to find an exit to reach level with each level having its own unique type of way to escape.For example is the decoration good is the block design good or not. How about you also refer to my previous posts for reference.

ok. thanks, I will have a look at what has been previously posted on this.

So yeah what do you think of the game now that you have seen the game what do you think now.

I was not able to find a link to your game in the only other post I could find by searching the devforum or by using the roblox search in game area or via your profile so I have not seen the game.

Wait I told I did not release the game yet just showcasing some work done in the game fine I will send you a link:What do you think of my game called Mirrors?

Thank you for that link.
From the pictures and description supplied I feel that the game has some interesting aspects but there is not enough information for me to say more.
I am sorry I cannot be more helpful.
I will be watching out for further updates as I am intrigued.