Missing Indices warning is no longer accurate

Sending an array with nil values across the network no longer drops any entries following the first nil. However, this behavior is still present with void (just not adding a key-value pair for a certain index at all). You can repro this in studio with the code sample on the docs site and see that the output now includes the 4th entry.

Page URL: https://create.roblox.com/docs/scripting/events/argument-limitations-for-bindables-and-remotes#empty-indices

Thanks for the report! We understand the struggle and we’ll file a ticket to our internal database regarding this issue! In the meantime, please rewrite the bug report following this post: How to post a Bug Report
It would be more helpful for the team. Thanks!

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This post already follows the format specified in the bug report wizard. If there’s something important I left out, please let me know.

Thanks for letting us know about this! Wanted to come back and let you know that this has since been fixed.

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