Mithic Rules & Terms of Services

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Hello! My name is achdef, and I mostly UI Design on the ROBLOX Platform, and script for my own projects only. And I am glad to release Mithic!

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You can discover more about Mithic by clicking right here!

:strawberry: | General Rules | :strawberry:

1 - [Disrespect] is not tolerated. If you are disrespectful in the community, you will first be reminded and if continuing reported to the Developer Relations. What is the Developer Relations, your going to ask me? Find it out at the last subject!
2 - [Pretending you own this project] will lead on to SERIOUS consequences. And I am not doing jokes.

3 - [Claiming your a project helper when your not - Impersonation] is not allowed on Mithic. Your ROBLOX Account will be reported to the support team and you will be blacklisted from all the games using Mithic!

4 - [False Bug Reports] is wasting our time. You will receive a general warning by our Support Team in PM and then banned from our model.

5 - [Fake Proof] - is not allowed. You are not permitted to provide Fake Proofs with example to get your friend out of troubles with our Support Team.

6 - [NSFW Content (intended)] - THIS RULE is breaking our terms of services and ROBLOX ones. Learn more here (rule 12.1):

7 - [Extreme Language, Trolling, flaming, personal attacks] - Will result in severe consequences!

Last Rule - [Insulting or derogatory comments] - Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum - #12 by Roblox