Mixiez - Kitchen Staff Expectations

Greetings! Mixiez is a small, local French Bakery, located in Paris 1956. We are a virtual coffee, pastry, and deli franchise which features local French food as well as other European pastries. Our kitchen staff, executives, and corporates work daily to prepare something unlike no other. We are the first and only virtual bakery wanting to stimulate a realistic environment hoping to change the Roblox role-play industry.


As a Kitchen Staff, we ask that you follow these expectations, as not only are they mandatory, but they will assist you in ranking up in our ranking system. Here at Mixiez, we ask our Kitchen Staff to maintain a high level of professionalism and maturity, as not only does it contribute to making the experience better for our customers, it also teaches hard-work, and dedication. As a Kitchen Staff, we ask that you maintain the atmostphere of the game, being a French island, surrounded by cities, and trees. The time is 1956, it is summer, you must play this role to the fullest of its extent.

If a user breaks the Code of Conduct, we ask that you still maintain this character, and call for an MR depending on the severity of the infraction. If the user is committing a minor offense, we ask that you politely “warn” them and continue on. If they further more commit the same action, or break another policy, you must call for an MR to remove them from the server, or for the MR to handle them. Bakery Managers have two options when dealing with users continuing to break policy, they must either remove them from the server, or take them to the isolation rooms.

Users who have safe-chat are only allowed to be Kitchen Staff as being an MR require more than just greeting, serving, and assisting guests and customers. Of course, if having safe-chat, you cannot say certain things like numbers, as a safety measure. We ask that you help anyone with safe-chat, who does not understand exactly what the customer, or other is saying. If you have safe-chat, you can always use letters as numbers, or roman numerals, with the letter “I”.

Lastly, we ask that you follow our Code of Conduct while at any group place. Failure to follow this rule will result in a demotion, without question. And lastly remember, other staff members are always there to help, feel free to ask a question via Roblox PM.