Mlinar - Code of Conduct

:coffee: - Introduction

The Code of Conduct is an organized page of rules for all ranks, including customers and guests, at the bakery. How you present yourself, behave, and go about your day with other people needs to be in check with these rules. Failure to follow these rules will result in disciplinary action.

:dress: - Dress Code

Our staff should be dressed in a decent manner. We want a positive and professional look towards customers and other groups when they visit the bakery. Although this may not mean you always have to be wearing a dress or a suit, it is recommended you always wear the 1.0 package (no package at all) while at Mlinar facilities.

:smile: - Behavior

Staff members are required to be mature at all times. We do not want to see you lacking grammar, yelling/screaming at people, making vulgar jokes, treating others with disrespect, insulting anyone, trolling, or gossiping. It will reflect poorly on your character and will most likely get you demoted.

:person_pouting: - Responsibility

You will be held responsible for your actions, such as attending training/interviews/hosting sessions, working behind the counter/supervising the bakery, etc. Remember that it is your priority to work while at Mlinar. Although it is fine to chat amongst your friends, you should make sure your job is at the forefront of your mind.

:clipboard: - Promotions

Asking for promotions will drastically lower the chance of you getting promoted and, if excessive, could get you demoted. Similarly, asking if there are SA spots open shows you will only work when there is a chance of being promoted to an admin rank. An MR asking for a promotion or complaining about someone else being promoted is also viewed as immature, unprofessional, and disrespectful and can lead to a demotion.

:exclamation: - Admin

Admin abuse is not tolerated with any of our MR or HR staff members; all blacklisted admin commands* are not to be used. Please use admin commands sparingly, and only to keep order at the bakery and to protect the people there. Using admin commands for your enjoyment can result in your demotion.

:coffee: - Conclusion

The rules listed on this page that are applicable to you must be abided by while visiting or working at any of our places. Any transgressions will be responded to with proper action from our HRs and MRs. Feel free to message any HR or MR about the rules listed above if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions pertaining to them!

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