Mlinar - Senior Barista Promotion Guide

:coffee: - Introduction

This guide will explain what to do and not do as a Senior Barista so that you can achieve an SA position within Mlinar. Please keep in mind that this guide only suggests some of the things to do and doesn’t encompass everything that you should and shouldn’t be doing as a Senior Barista.

:heavy_check_mark: - Do’s

It is important that Senior Baristas spend the majority of their time working; this shows you are motivated to be a part of our team and shows you are capable of representing Mlinar in a professional manner. It is recommended that you wear the 1.0 character package (No package at all) with semi-formal attire. Likewise, A Senior Barista should help all of their fellow baristas that are confused about the drinks, rules, registers, how to deal with customers, etc. This shows us that you are capable of assisting and giving advice to other people, which is an important trait for MR’s to have. You should always remember to be respectful to everyone no matter their rank. As one of the three virtues of a barista, Respect is important to us, and we do not want to see any of our SBs being disrespectful to customers, fellow baristas, MRs, or HRs. Finally, activity is imperative. Promotion can occur much quicker if you are consistently active. If you are on for a couple of hours each day, you are more likely to be noticed than someone who is on all day and then not at all for the next three.

:x: - Don’ts

One of the worst things you can do is grovel for attention instead of working hard. Do not ask any MR or HR if they want a drink if they do not come to your register. This is taken as a desperate call to be noticed. You will be noticed for hard work and ambition while serving customers behind the counter, not by asking an HR if they want a drink. Similarly, you should give trollers a warning. If they get 1 warning (maximum amount of warnings), they should be reported directly to an MR/HR that is at the bakery. Reports should include their name and not just be a plea for us to walk over to you. We want to be able to check the chat logs to see if they have done something wrong. Handling disputes with other baristas is also helpful for admins if you can do so, as happy baristas create a more enjoyable environment for everyone at the bakery. Overall, the most important thing is for Senior Baristas to be active behind the counter and being able to retrieve orders as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

If you still have further questions on this topic, you are more than welcome to contact an MR/HR.

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