Mlinar - Session Hosting Guide

• Introduction •

This guide is for any and all SV+ confused about how to host either training or interview sessions. Feel free to contact any HR with questions you may have after reading over this guide.

For more in-depth information on each session, please see the Interview Guide* and Training Guide*.

*Mlinar - Interview Guide

*Mlinar - Training Guide

• Before the Session Begins •

[1] Use “sm” or “m” at the cafe, saying that you are hosting either trainings or interviews.

EXAMPLE: sm Trainings are being held now! Come down to the training center. [T-SB ONLY]

[2] Change the group shout to notify people that you are hosting, to get fellow staff members to assist you and customers/baristas show up.

EXAMPLE: Trainings are being held now! Come down to the training center. [T-SB ONLY] | PREV* | QoTD: (put the question here)

*Make sure you put any previous shouts after saying ‘PREV’ so that more people see it. Such as important messages posted by executives or information regarding other sessions.

• Trainings •

[1] Wait 10-15 minutes after shouting before locking the server. Have baristas stand on the golden lines in front of you, and answer questions if they have any. Make sure you have no more than four trainers before locking the server, and establish what the intro order is. Also, decide who is going over the rules, trivia, promoting and numbering the baristas of the groups, and assign which SA is shadowing which trainer.

[2] Lock the server by saying “:slock” and make sure all trainers and shadows are correctly lined up. You should also tell all the LRs that if they talk during introductions, they will be kicked.

[3] Start your introductions. Introductions should go as follows: Host (Trainer #1) > Co Host (Trainer #2) > Trainer #3 > Trainer #4 > Supervisors of the session. Use the command “notify nonadmins” to do introductions. Remember, shadows do NOT do introductions!

[4] The person who was assigned to go over the rules will now begin stating them. Use the cmdbar and the “sm” command to announce all the rules at once. Then follow the rules with the scores that each rank must meet to pass, also using the “sm” command.

[5] The assigned person to do trivia will now do so, using the “notify nonadmins” command. During this time, someone should also begin numbering the LRs and assigning them their groups.

[6] Tell the admins there to go to their stations. Once everyone has done so, allow the baristas to find their trainers. It is also a good idea to use the “sm” command to say which trainer has which group. You may need to use the “jump” command to help the mobile users that can’t get off the golden lines.

EXAMPLE: sm Find your trainers! Group 1 - Trainer #1, Group 2 - Trainer #2, Group 3 - Trainer #3, Group 4 - Trainer #4

Replace “Trainer #1” with that person’s name.

[7] When all groups have finished training, the host will promote the passers, and the training is concluded. Everyone can be dismissed, and the server can be shutdown.

• Interviews •

[1] Wait 5 minutes after shouting before locking the server. Have customers wait in the chairs in the lobby and answer questions if they have any. Do not punish or kill people who are disobeying the rules; Simply give them one warning and if they choose not to listen, ban them from the server.

[2] Have everyone waiting for interviews to stay seated and remain quiet by using the “m” command to request their silence.

[3] Once you have everyone seated and quiet, all admins will line up. Use the admin chat or PMs to establish an intro order, a Co-Host, and who is going to state the rules.

EX INTRO ORDER: Host, Co-Host, Interview 1, Interviewer 2, Interviewer 3, etc.

Replace the roles with the names of the being who are introducing themselves.

EX INTRO: Hello, my name is sunnyrainqs, and I will be one of the interviewers for this session. I wish the best of luck to all of you here!

[4] Once introductions are complete using the “notify nonadmins” command, the designated person to go over the rules will use the cmdbar and “sm” to state the rules. Remember to post all of the rules at once.

[5] After the rules are completed, use the “notify nonadmins” command to state that interviews have started.

[6] Once interviews have concluded, and all who should have been promoted are promoted, shutdown the server.

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