Mlinar - Training Guide


This guide is for middle ranks, instructing them how to conduct a training session. This is not a guide for trainees on how to do their job! That’s the Trainee Expectations guide:

• Introduction •
The training guide contains the rules you’ll need to know and the trivia questions you will be asking your trainees as well as the training procedure so that you can successfully host the session and train attending trainees.

•Who Says What•

The training host will begin the session by SMing that the session has started. After the ‘Host’ is done with greetings, they need to run a command called “information” and it will automatically state the rules and other information. After we got that all out of the way, you may start the session.

• Training Rules •

[1] Grammar is needed at all times, inside and outside your training. Failing to use grammar will result in your failure.

[2] Respect is needed at all times, towards your trainer and fellow baristas. Disrespect is not tolerated

[3] You will make 5 drinks. The last two drinks will be timed for 50 seconds. Trainees need to get 3 correct in order to pass, baristas need 4, and senior baristas need all 5.

[4] Do not give your drink to your trainer until he/she asks for it.

[5] Once you have made the order and come out of the kitchen, you are not allowed to go back in again. If you go back in, you will fail that order.

[6] If you pass you are to wait on the yellow line here, quietly and wait to be promoted.

• Training Promotions •

Trainee to Barista (3/5+)
Barista to Senior Barista (4/5+)
Senior Barista to Head barista (5/5)

• Training Trivia •

Ask for three orders in different ways, then ask for them to deal with a scenario with a troller. Finally, ask for the three virtues of a barista. Do not copy these examples word for word, as they are ONLY examples and should not be used at every session. You are encouraged to follow this format, but please substitute the drinks in the examples with others.

Trivia Examples:

[1] How would I make a Caramel Hot Chocolate?

[2] What does Cup + Milk + Vanilla make?

[3] Can you explain to a noob, like myself, on how to make a Earl Grey?

[4] If someone came up to your register and said “GIVE ME BLEAXCH, OR I WILL SH00T YOU!!”, what would you do to deal with this person?

[5] What are the three virtues of a barista?

• Training Procedure •

Once broken off into groups, you will first ask each barista for their greeting. Correct any grammar mistakes they have and praise them if their greeting is grammatically correct. You’ll then ask for your group to make the orders you choose, five different times. Each time they get an order right, name them the amount of points they have and the total number of orders tested, which is 5. (An example of this is “1/5”) The last two orders are timed each for 60 seconds (1 minute). You may split your group up into two sides so that they do not overwhelm each other while trying to make the same order. If they happen to take longer than the given amount of time, teleport them back to the register that they chose and tell them that they took too long to make the order. However, you can still accept their order if they feel they have got it right.

Each person is only able to get one promotion per training. You cannot skip ahead of any ranks! For example, if a trainee gets 5/5 at a session, they will still be ranked to barista.

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