Mobile Leaderboards Are Now Available!

You asked for it and you got it! We recently released mobile leaderboards so all of your mobile players have the same access to leaderboards as your players on other platforms.

This took some extra effort because, on mobile, the leaderboards and handled a little differently:

  • Mobile leaderboards are full screen, instead of a window that stays on screen, due to the relative lack of screen space on most mobile devices
  • Landscape and Portrait modes are both supported
  • On mobile, your name is listed at the top in a special section, so you don’t have to scroll down to see your stats (it will also be shown in the main list below)

The leaderboards have all of the same functionality as other platforms - including the ability to tap on any user on the list to bring up a menu with unique options for that user.

They were designed to work in any experience that already uses leaderboards, but there may be situations where some custom work was done by a developer. If you’ve done custom work, it could result in some unique issues. If your experience uses the Roblox leaderboards, please check the functionality on mobile and let us know in the comments if you observe any abnormalities there.

Known Issues

  • Header that separates your name at the top from the rest of the list is not displayed (this can make it look like your name is listed twice) - fix goes out next week
  • Developer analytics may report an error from the mobile leaderboards - fix goes out next week
  • In some rare cases, the Leaderboard doesn’t scroll

We will also include improved logic for how the leaderboards and other windows automatically close when opening and closing the leaderboards on mobile.

We have seen players already discover this feature and the reaction seems to be positive overall! We hope your mobile players are happy with this update, too. Please let us know if you have any feedback or if you see any issues in your game. We appreciate it!

Special thanks to @subcritical and @PlasticOvens for the great engineering and design work on this feature.


Would be lovely to see a screenshot or video for those not currently playing on mobile. I’m curious how it looks and how the user opens it.


Why is the fix for two bugs not being done before the final launch? Whose in charge of these releases?


This is already a feature on tablets, good thing it’s finally available on phones. Why display your name in a special section, when you could move the LocalPlayer’s Frame to the top instead & highlight it? I don’t understand this at all, but when it releases I’ll probably get a better idea of the system & (hopefully) understand why this is the case. I understand that mobile has a smaller screen, but wouldn’t adding a special section remove space? I don’t know, it just seems counter-intuitive to me.


Roblox releases changes prematurely and then toggles FFlags to see their impact. I assume that because Roblox only typically does 1 release a week that its not worth it to patch non-critical bugs.


Here is a photo I just got.


You have quick fingers!
I really like the idea although wish the X was on the right side.


These shouldn’t need to be toggled on everyone in order to get the bugs. These need to be developed more strictly so there aren’t any bugs instead of releasing something knowing there’s bugs.

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The design is really cool. I was a bit worried, expecting the leaderboard on the side of the screen. But the concept of a full screen leaderboard worked out great.

I still want the X on the right side :rage: (Like @BuiltToWreck stated)


That reminds me of the older leaderboards where, when maximized, would expand into the middle of the screen.


If anyone would like a GIF of how it’s presented on mobile. (Doesn’t seem to show on tablets for me at the moment)

I’m not a big fan of the design, but I guess it will grow on me.


It does show on tablet, it just shows as the default leaderboard


I am glad to hear this! The majority of my players are mobile players, and they play on phones and not tablets. This is helpful to me and can benefit because the leaderboard is important to the game. Something so small changes the whole game. Thank you! :heart:


We do our best to test features as deeply as possible before release. However, when the feature is fully turned on for millions of games and players, we sometimes see issues that we weren’t able to see during testing. Roblox is especially challenging in that it is impossible to test in every possible game and situation in which this is used, as every piece of UGC content can be different including how it interacts with features like this.

Once we see issues, we make a determination whether we should turn it off or keep it on and ship the fixes afterwards. The value of this feature to players is very high based on the reactions we have seen and the issues are fairly minor, so I made the decision to keep this turned on.


Will the leaderboards work the same way as it is on PC? And, is it optional for developers to turn the leaderboards off for some games?


Yes it includes the full functionality that is on PC and the developer can choose whether to include this feature in their game.


I’m suggesting it needs to be more thoroughly controlled when experimenting. Check what games have high mobile usage, and then do a controlled environment on them instead of releasing it to everyone. Instead of everyone having the bugs, it’s only a select group which can then be turned off without much notice and given fixes before fully launching it to the platform.

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That’s exactly what we did, this feature was first turned on for just a few games as an early release. Thanks for the suggestions!


Oh? By the wording of the announcement it was made out to be released to all instead of specific. My apologies on that then!

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