Mobile UI not scaling

Reproduction Steps
The bug occurs on in-game mobile user interface

Expected Behavior
This is the expected result:

Both of these screenshots were taken on PC at different ratios to show it isn’t because of poor UI scaling techniques.

Actual Behavior
What happens on mobile is this:

Issue Area: Mobile App
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


having a similar problem when i test on studio it look fine while in-game(mobile) I have text show all over the place


Could you show your UI size? this often happens when you have offset in your gui size or any plugin active

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As I said and showed, I used two different window sizes on PC to show that it isn’t because of poor UI scaling techniques. For scaling UI, I don’t use offset at all.

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This isn’t just a mobile bug, its all of Roblox. Any resolution other than the one you made it on will be like this, because UI Caching isn’t working. Its a Roblox bug thats been happening for a few weeks now, theres more info about it on the ScreenGui API:


Thanks for your report. Do you mind sending us a place file with your current settings so that we can investigate the issue? Thanks.


Of course. You would like the .rbxl file or just a place link?

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I’m having a similar issue with my UI not scaling as intended on mobile devices, despite being correct in the preview window in studio.

Would a solution to this be to change a property of, for example, a text label, upon clicking the UI, so that the cache updates?

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I tried fixing it by changing properties, but either it never worked or I was doing something wrong. I’d probably just wait until this is fixed.

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Still no word back on this issue from Roblox…


This bug has been happening to me not only in studio, but also constantly when im playing casual games. Ive tried adjusting the scale using plugins and manually in the scale values, but to no avail. It seems to happen more frequently on my mobile device

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Try using auto scale lite plugin that might help you

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I am also having this issue. Centered style TextLabels with (0.5,0.5) Anchor and (0.5,0,0.5,0) Position are occurring fine on Desktop but offset towards the left on mobile.

Expected (Desktop)

Actual (iPhone 11)

The text is formatted properly in the studio emulator so it is device specific since it cannot be replicated in studio.

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Try this: Autoscale lite

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That does not solve the problem, the UI is scaled and formatted correctly already.

Make this also in the Text Lables

The plug-in post specifically says not to do that. Even when doing it the results are the same. This plugin does not solve the issue so stop suggesting it. All it does it make the text smaller without solving the issue of it being off-center.

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Better with a place file if possible.

@Bylocks This issue might be fixed with a recent update, please update your Studio and try again. Thanks!

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