Mobile user screens are freezing in Jailbreak since 4/17/2024

Roblox is saying this is a network related bug but I don’t believe it. These reports flooded in at once, which prompted this report. And the game continuing to operate doesn’t add up. I haven’t been able to find a solution.


So based off a little research earlier a lot of the reports were coming from ipad users, aswell as based off other information there has been many raised flags regarding the latest iPadOS’s (v17.5.1) graphic processing which are creating bugs in iPadOS in it of itself aswell as in different apps (e.x Roblox).in my message associated with my bug report i raised this issue, thought I might aswell bring it out here.

What you mentioned about being network related doesn’t add up aswell although it could stem from initial/establishment connections but, as you said, I don’t believe it.

Will probably require a deeper dive, will reply when i have more info since this is a high impact issue.

Have a good weekend, cheers!

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Back in April 2023 I experienced something in BedWars on iOS where purple blocks starting flickering the music was choppy, and everything froze, eventually it would crash. Is this what has been happening to any of your users? As this was the effect of my iPad overheating

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Here is a video compilation of this freezing/flickering bug occurring in my game, as well as in Arsenal:

This freezing/flickering bug happens frequently in my game, but only when I playtest with my iPhone XR. I then thought this was a bug that only occurred on mobile devices, so I tested my game on my sister’s iPad, but I couldn’t get the bug to occur at all. When playtesting on my windows desktop, the bug also does not occur at all. Something to note is that the iPhone XR has 64GB of storage while the iPad has 256GB of storage.

Seemingly the exact same bug is occurring with this person when playtesting on a 64GB mobile device:

It was also from this same person that I started to get the feeling that this bug occurs more frequently on older mobile devices or mobile devices with less storage:

I hope this issue is still being investigated @ScipioAfrikanos

While continuing to playtestmy game on my iPhone XR, I would still come across this freezing/flickering bug, but occassionally I would get what has been dubbed the “Pink Screen of Death.” This would crash my phone & I would have to restart it.

I did some research on this pink screen of death and found out this post:

…which lead me to this video:

and here, Sharkblox claims that this bug is due to missing textures.

This person also claimed this bug was due to textures:

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