Pink screen of death

Reproduction Steps

nico's nextbots [blackouts] - Roblox

Only happens on mobile. Its occurrence is entirely random, and can happen at any point of the game. May have a likelier chance of happening during the start of a blackout event, or being killed. It also can happen once the player spawns.

Expected Behavior

The game freeze/pink screen should not occur at all, and the game should play normally.

Actual Behavior

When the bug occurs, the screen will freeze, and will most likely be partially or completely filled with pink. Many reports from users of the game provided these pictures/videos:

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Issue Area: Mobile App
Issue Type: Freezing
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2022-07-24 00:07:00 (-07:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-08-16 00:08:00 (-07:00)


the issue for this was identified and we will be shipping the fix asap


They’re not even related to this bug but what does a plugin and backdoor have to do with this bug on mobile?? Plugins and backdoor is not supposed to create this type of crashing and the only way in PC and various platform see is by freezing a frame and cause Memory leak.


A backdoor allows a client to access the server, which is unrelated to this issue. I don’t think that a game on the discover page can have a backdoor, and even if it did, it’s impossible for there to be an exploiter in every server of the game doing this. Even then, the server can’t modify a client’s GUI easily, replication could make it slower.

Again, they probably don’t have a backdoor. Plus, I think that front page game developers know which plugins to use.


been a long months but has this been fixed?


Hey @vrtblox, there are new reports are coming in on social-media is it possible for you to investigate the issue again?


it’s not because of an exploit… I tested it on my mobile device and everything is fine


Still occurring. Any updates on this @vrtblox?


This issue appears to have started again since the update of the Roblox app on mobile devices. In the last 24-48 hours, I’ve had many reports from players playing my game saying this exact issue, that they see the screen glitch with pink or purple pixels, exactly as shown above (and below). The game then freezes and players are forced to leave the game since it’s unplayable.

It appears to be a major issue right now, and I’d highly appreciate if a Roblox staff member could investigate this immediately.

A player sent me this video, which clearly shows the issue. I hope it provides some useful information. Thanks!
What is this? - YouTube


My Roblox Player client started to crash with “An unexpected error occured and Roblox needs to quit.”

But, yes random pink squares also appear and sometimes game starts to twitch between 2 frames

there’s also lag when im in certain places in any game

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Very interesting… it kind of reminds me of garrys mod texture issue… i still find this very strange because I have never seen anything like this…

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This has been recently happening in my game (reports of it happening on the iPhone XS):


This is still happening in Maple Hospital


Splash is also impacted by this.

Here’s an example report from one of our users:

It appears to be just affecting mobile.


This also happens in my game when I was just playing on my IPhone XS


This issue is still happening on mobile devices. It’s probably been at least 48 hours since this was reported, and it’s still affecting a lot of my mobile audience, and also for other experiences.

I’d highly appreciate if we could have an update from a Roblox staff member please as to whether this issue is being investigated. Thank you.


Thanks for the reports. We’re actively investigating this issue


Vouch. I had never received any reports of this issue until a day or so ago when I started receiving multiple from a range of users on mobile devices. It seems a recent change in the app has made this issue more common(?)


I got some reports of this on one of my games

When I was testing to see if I’d get the same issue, I noticed on my iPad 6th gen 14.1 that the world was just flashing when I’d join and the only way to fix it was pressing home and opening the app again, somehow it would stop the flashing. I noticed I was on automatic graphic settings so I switched to manual on 1 and rejoined without the flashing issue, tried again with 10 and the flashing came back until I did the home and reopen fix a few times

I didn’t experience this issue in any of my other games when I tested them


hi all! thanks for reporting this issue to us :heart_decoration: We’ve identified the root cause of this issue and are working on a fix!