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This information portal will provide the following information:

Important Links

Communicatons sever link can be found in our group’s social links. Must be 13 years of age or older to join.

Rules and Regulations

The following rules must be followed at all times. Failure to follow these rules will result in being banned from the game and/or group.

Some offences are appealable, if you would like to appeal a ban, join the (coming soon).

Note: Our communications server has a different set of rules. Please refer to the rules channel if you’re looking for the rules of the communications sever.

Always follow the Roblox Community Standards!

General Rules

For the most part, being respectful and kind to others is the only thing you need to do to avoid the breaking the rules! However, below you can find a list of what we have found to be the most important.

  • Be respectful and kind to everyone.
  • Refrain from arguing or causing drama.
  • Exploiting of any kind will result in a permanent ban, without the chance of an appeal.
  • Severe forms of trolling will result in a warning, after that it’s a ban.

    Note: Jokes are fine as long as the person who you are joking with is fine with it. We would like the game to be a fun environment for everyone. However, when it becomes insulting and disrespectful to the other person involved it’s no longer considered as joking. (Employees: please refer to the Employee Rules as this is detailed farther.)

  • Glitching into areas that you’re not allowed to be in will result in a kick or a ban.
  • Avatars must stay appropriate. (This includes not wearing clothes.)
  • Bypassing the chat filter (or audio with the music system) will result in a ban without the chance of an appeal.
  • Spamming the chat will result in a kick or ban.

Employee Rules

Employee rules include everything listed in General Rules.

  • You may only serve customers three items at a time.
  • Point cheating. (Giving items that were not ordered.) Will result in a demotion and a reset of your points.
  • You are only allowed to joke with customers if the user you are joking with initiated it first. It’s also advised to not joke around with others if there are others waiting in line.
  • Grammar is not required at all times while on a shift. (Higher ranking staff members are recommended to use grammar while at the cafe.)
  • You may only go AFK while on a shift if you go to the designated AFK area.