[MODEL V1.3 COMING SOON !] Do you guys have any suggestions and ideas to update my FPS Gui to v1.3

Any suggestion for my model v1.3 ?

Currently, it’s on the v1.2.

Please don’t do something IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME, it will not count. Sorry guys.

Let me know that.
Most top 5 likes wins !!!

Here’s the link of my model:

Here’s the images:

This one is just ScreenGuis. I have forced to put on StarterGui, so it’s better to see.


This one is everything that is possible. Same at OnlyScreenGuis.

What does those do ?

  1. AppealGui: That AppealGui is when you are waiting for something. Like HD Admin (Somewhere on August).
  2. FPSGui: Ahhhh yes, it shows you the number of the FPS Counter.
  3. InviteFriendsPleaseGui: Well it’s to get help if your friends will play your game or not, if he said “I am interested of that game” then he will play it but if he is interested but will play it later then he will say “I am interested of the game ! But sorry, imma go play some others games first, maybe later ?”, if he is not isterested then he will not play it. So if you want to get more visits then use this method.
  4. MenuGui: Ahhhh yes the menu to start the game.
  5. ScreenGui: This one is different, it’s to appeal someone to show the BPM (So like to help).
  6. VersionGui: Yes, this is when you show people the number of the version.

If you had a suggestion, tell me.
Every suggestions is appreciated !

By the way, i don’t have any ideas to update to my v1.3 :slightly_frowning_face:

Game that has everything on this topic currently: FPS Test - Roblox

It’s changed, for now…


Why are you using server scripts in screen guis? That should never ever ever be done. Always use local scripts for screen guis since the client is the only one who will be able to see it.

No, it’s on StarterGui not ServerScriptService.

I never said anything on where is it at. Like I said, never use server scripts in screen guis, local scripts only. Simply because the client will be the only one to actually see it.

Before you couldn’t see the StarterGui: I can’t show you anything because i deleted it. So it’s impossible to post an image.

But now, you can see the StarterGui: Now i can show you because i have the images. So it’s possible now.

Only ScreenGuis (Nothing visible exepct the ScreenGuis).

Everything including the ScreenGuis.

Don’t use a script. Only a LocalScript is what she/he is trying to say.

The MenuGui (ScreenGui) and the MenuGui (Frame) have the exact same name LOL.

But the MenuGui (Frame) has a script just to make it visible…

Also, i forgot some…

This is why i forgot to change the Frame’s name…

So i forgor to change the name.

What they are trying to say is that you don’t have to utilize a Script in a Gui, but instead a LocalScript. Here are two separate icons.

Server Side Script (the one you are using)
Local Script (the one that you are supposed to be using)

I hope I made it clear, just replace your ServerSide scripts with LocalScripts and you are good to go.

EDIT: I joined the game and, not to be rude, it’s quite bad. The design is has too much contrast and it “breaks” your eyes. The version number is cut of the screen.

SUGGESTIONS: first utilize a math.round(number) to round the number in the closing message (it’s really bad to look at decimals in that context.) Second suggestion is to remove the “Open Frames Per Second” thing and leave just the textlabel at the top of the screen. Maybe add some contrast and a background in the Message that appears. That’s all I have to say.


Can’t you just see ?

The VersionGui has a script to make it visible…

Also, i forgot that the MenuFrame (MenuGui) and the MenuGui has the same name (Fixed).

I see. The thing that I am meaning is to change that SCRIPT which is a server-sided script into a LOCALSCRIPT which is the one to be used for guis. Also read my edit in the previous post.

Hold on, i want to show you the script on the TextLabel… (The LocalScript you know).


local RS = game:GetService("RunService")
local frames = 0 -- If the fps is 0, then the pc is too slow, if the pc has more then 15 fps but it can't had 60 fps, it means it's a slow or almost a good pc, if the fps is at 60 fps, then the pc is good but it can't handle over 1k parts or even the pc is good but you don't have FPS Unlocker, if you had more then 100 fps, then it means you had a good pc and you had FPS Unlocker to 120 FPS to "None (Infinite)"

	frames = frames + 1

while wait(1) do -- waiting for the fps to work (you can change it to per example: wait(0.11494252873563218) or even wait(0.25)
	script.Parent.Text = frames .. " FPS"
	frames = 0
end -- the final end

But anyways, give me some great ideas…

The update of my model is coming soon !

Edit: This is not a off-topic reply or DM Instead of Reply. That replies to the topic…

Another Edit: This ain’t gonna do the v1.3, it’s gonna do the v1.2.1…

Sadly, i have school, so i might not update my model, anymore for a bit.

I have school up to 7/7/2022 (Thursday, 7th July)…

Edit: This is not a off-topic reply or DM Instead of Reply. That replies to the topic… (Same as last post).

Link: Do you guys have any suggestions and ideas to update my FPS Gui to v1.3 - #20 by kdopdaux1803

It is currently Saturday today but i have school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (I don’t have school this Friday because i end Thursday (7/7/2022(Or even Thursday, 7th July)

Another edit: Didn’t mean to reply myself.

So it will be here a month later or 2 months later or a few weeks later.

School ended for me for 2 months and over, now it’s time for college for me, i can now update the model…


Edit: This replies to the topic (Maybe).

firstly, remove the 30 second wait until you can close those messages that randomly appear, there’s no point in having it. secondly do what everyone else here has advised and change your server scripts into local scripts, it’ll all work much better that way. lastly add some more stuff to do; Currently you just stand around, check your fps and leave

I’m sorry, i can’t.

This is the game that has everything on it because this is the current version.

I disagree about you said, this is my game, i want visits. That’s all.

The script is only been made by Visible or Not.

The localscript is only used by the buttons or textlabels.

5 Likes = Ignore + UnDislike my game.

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It’s fixed, now you have to wait the update.

The UI is very bland, the colors are wayy too bright and it burned my eyes, please listen to the feedback and change the scripts into local scripts because only the player would be seeing the ui, it is pointless to use server scripts.

What, for me, it’s not wayy too bright, you must have an error about your eyes.

Look at the UI at 1,920 for me:

It’s not really bright for me.

Image of what is bright.

That is bright for me (Fixing soon).

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An update is here to my game, go check it out !