Modeling with Blender

I’ve recently decided to take on modeling in Blender and was wondering if anyone out there has their own tips or demonstration of builds they’ve made?
Preferably at the beginning of their learnings to current?
Thanking you.


It really depends on what you’re trying to model. If you want to model a tree, look up tutorials on YouTube and also look for reference images on Google.
Here’s a tutorial by @HoudiniDev that I watched to learn how to make tree trunks. It’s really simple, short and informative.

Anyways, back to the reference image part. Decide on what style you want to model. Low-poly, or high-poly? There’s also many different ways of designing things, so don’t hestitate to try something new. Everyone has their own unique way of designing models.

And last but not least, it’s all practice. It doesn’t matter if your first model doesn’t look the way you intended it to look, just learn from it and start over. It took me several months to finally get the hang of Blender and finally be satisfied with the models I made.


The single biggest tip that I can give you is not to get discouraged. Blender is very complex and can take a while to learn and even longer to master, so if the first model you make doesn’t look good then just move to the next one. The more models you do the better they’ll look until you start getting things that you’re happy with.

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Already been discussed before.

Please do more research next time. :slight_smile:

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