Model:MakeJoints() (cars)

Hey i currently edit my Old Car spawner Script and i have a Question to: :MakeJoints() i use this before the Car getting spawned into workspace but i just want to ask what it exactly does and is it good for the Performance or not?

My Cars using A-Chassis and they mostly have between 50-100 Body Parts.

Thanks for Help!

:MakeJoints() makes any parts that have faces physically touching another part’s face weld together.

So it’s good for A-Chassis Cars with many parts?

You can check its documentation here. It seems to be deprecated (no longer supported/updated and may break), so it is recommended to use WeldConstraints and HingeConstraints instead.

It depends on the surface of the part.
If it’s a Motor, it will make a RotateV joint, else if it’s a Hinge, it’ll make a Rotate Joint.