It would be useful to hide parts of the map when they aren’t visible or you want something big to fade in, and looping through each part to set their Transparency isn’t very efficient.


I’m pretty sure this would be the same as looping through internally, unless you mean them to change how transparency works on a shader/engine level

Looping through isn’t very inefficient either, if you’re getting lag make sure to call wait(0) every once in a while to give the client/server some time to breath

Setting a bunch of properties on a lot of different objects and invalidating their geometry isn’t really something you can solve with a wait().

Speaking of which, waiting doesn’t actually solve any lag issues. You’re just making it take longer, which doesn’t really help in an animation.

It also isn’t necessarily the same as looping through.

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Sounds great but I’d rather just call it Model.Transparency

I agree, it would be a useful thing to have, and looping through large models with lots of submodels in can completely freeze up the server/client