Moderation from Free Model Chat?

I have a very old free modeled game that I haven’t updated or really touched in a while, and it was a free modeled chat system that I just now realized had no chat filter, and it’s been on the library for a long time and still is.
I use it as a testing grounds for building and many other things and I just want to know if that possibly get me a moderation on my account or game if I don’t change it?

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I would change it yes because I have seen people have there account temp banned for using a custom chat and it had a chat filter.

Please try not to give wrong information if you don’t have sources or you aren’t sure about something.

Moderation does not ban you for custom filters nor custom chats, this has been reiterated quite a few times by staff in announcements. Bans occur for lack of a filter. Whether or not you add custom filters, Roblox filters must be involved at a step in the process, otherwise this interaction cannot be made.

Excerpt from Clarification on code flagged for safety review:

Furthermore, adding additional safety for the sake of your players in the form of an extra chat filter will not get you punished. We applaud you for wanting to go the extra mile to ensure your players have a safe experience! Just make sure the text you’re filtering is not visible to players (i.e. sent to the client) and all should be fine.

Custom chat systems, as well as custom filters, are not punishable. Lack of filtering is.