Modern Cafe (Send feedback!)

Hey guys! I built another cafe for a group that my friend owned! So I just thought I do showcase it here and you guys say what you think! Anyways what I aimed for this cafe was:

Not make it look like all other cafes on ROBLOX, and actually make it unique.
Open and decorated.


It looks pretty good but in my opinion, the lighting could be better. Else, looks nice. Oh and i would use the terrain tool to do the outside instead of parts. Just to be able to add the default roblox grass as it looks amazing.


I must say I was dissapointed with the terrain and it will be redone some day. :slight_smile:


Try adding sunray! Oh and maybe change the window’s texture to Glass?


The windows texture is actually glass! And I will try adding some sunrays, but I used a plugin which cost 150 robux to do the terrain but I prefer doing it on my own instead of using plugins honestly.

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The interior of the building itself really captures that modern feel. Try throwing a few decor outside it maybe adding benches, plants seating, trees, I know this will be planned already so you could possibly ignore this suggestion.

The cafe looks really put together like the decor placed all around and the use of materials are very interesting, it gives the place a very welcoming feel I feel like the cafe is missing just a small feature I feel like, you could add some chairs and tables, try placing some table decor onto it like a small potted plant table cloth cups something like that could work.

The open space in the first image is alright it’s just the ceiling looks a little on the off side I see these strive with ceiling lights or circular lights implemented into the ceiling maybe you don’t want to add that or possibly will later down the line. Overall it’s a nice build.


Thanks for all the feedback!! I will be sure to do these things.

By the way why I am trying to post as much as possible with feedback is because I am really trying to improve! I have built since 2015, that was my first build and until now and I am really motivated and I am really trying to improve since one day I may become that developer who everyone wants hired! You never know.





2019 - 2020


The westside Pizza looks very basic. It’s missing a roof and it’s not appealing proportionally wise…

Lol, I was showcasing my builds from 2015 - 2020 so you guys could see how I improved.

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This build looks great! The use of materials and other decals is visible. Looks like you have put a lot of work into this. Here are some advice which could actually improve your build:

  • The kitchen and other parts of the building are pretty empty. Would recommend you adding some cool decorations there.
  • Instead of adding numbers on each table, you can create cards with those numbers on them. I did forget how those are called, but I’m sure, you got my point right!
  • Ceiling could get some more details.

That’s all I really got for you, most of the main points have been already mentioned, so don’t have anything to say than that. Good luck!

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Looks very good but I think the lightning is a bit off, maybe you can make it a bit brighter.

Good job! A nice style, modern and clean. :+1:t4:

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As a builder on this platform for over 4 years I can say that this really brings out the modern theme of a cafe you might see in this day of age.

I think you absolutely nailed it, if I had to give any suggestions I would say mess around with lighting properties because you can make that look 10x better with lighting adjustments. I wish you the best of luck with your near future of building!

That is a great design of a modern cafe, i just have some things to say.


  • Try adding some NPC’s in corners in the cafe so it doesn’t get boring. Usually people don’t stay for a long time in cafe games.
  • Add thanos snap (i don’t feel so good moment) In the 3rd picture, try to make the machines usable and make them a bit bigger.
  • If there isn’t a day/night cycle, try adding it.

Keep up with the amazing work! :tada:

looks pretty good, I just think the lighting could be a bit more saturated, especially the sunset, i feel that making the hue a more saturated orange colour could add to the relaxing vibe

add some lights at the entrance, the overhang makes the entrance a bit dark and uninviniting

some oranmentations on the ceiling could help too, like maybe little lights or something, doesnt have to be anything major

Personally, this is amazing. I would suggest fixing the lighting, making the wood bottoms on the chair match more to the color of the bottom floor, and adding in more ceiling detail or tiny rugs under the seating down below. Other than those suggestions, beautiful work.

This build looks amazing. Good job! To improve you could add more items like decorations to fill in some empty space around the build. This could be plants, paintings or even more sitting areas.

This looks amazing.
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It looks good, but it feels a bit empty.

To improve on what you have already, I would suggest finding a better texture for the carpet. Secondly, I would add more colour variation and some textures on the chairs.

To improve on how empty it feels, I would suggest adding more tables and chairs and some plants. Maybe some wall dividers between some of the tables, and a “lounge” area with a couple sofas or an armchair.

Good luck!

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