Modern City Build

Hello, I am looking for some feedback on my game. This game is an actual playable game (not a showcase) and I need some feedback on what I should build next. Here are the images:

If you want to try the game yourself, here is the link: Quest City [PRE ALPHA] - Roblox

Your feedback will help our game improve.

This game is actually called Quest City, but I named it Modern City because you cannot see the Quests.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I made a quick snip-it.


I like this idea of having assorted houses dedicated for certain purposes, as well as the way you’ve structured the city.

Labelling certain areas with logos or text seems to really work with this, it’d especially help with the player flow or objectives for players when navigating across the map.

I don’t know if this is intentional, but I love the way these lights sync up with the music. :ok_hand:

I don’t really have any other suggestions, although I would suggest working on another area of the map, maybe call it the big city or something along those lines. In this other section, it could have skyscrapers etc, maybe even add a quest for becoming an intern at a business or something. This could even help you implement a leveling up system if you haven’t one already, maybe even give players tasks before even entering the big city.

I look forward to seeing the future of this game! :v:


Thank you for your feedback, your idea will be implemented into our game!

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is preety good but maybe you need to fix this:
maybe change also the trees and bushes, lamps change the skybox to cartoony style.

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Wait, what is that, that issue has been fixed instantly, we are actually making new trees right now! The skybox will be changed and the bushes will also be changed! Thank you for your feedback.

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Assuming that you’re a beginner in Roblox Studio building, this is a great start!

A few tips for you:
In order to get cool text fonts, you can use Paint 3D , as in the video below

If you want your game to have realistic textures, you can choose one of many texture packs available in the Tool Box. In order to use them, double click on a texture face , CTRL + C and go to the part you want to put the texture in and paste it using CTRL + V

Keep in mind that you can always use the Properties of each Part you have in your game. For an example, you can use two parts with different transparency so you can create an in-glass effect (the part outside is more transparent than the part inside.

If you want some easy experience during developing, there are many Plugins where you can easly create stuff like ropes between 2 light poles, round corners and even different types of Low Poly trees.

Roblox is a huge platform and you can build basically anything your mind can think about. If you want some inspiration, you can visit other games called Showcase (or basically any other game) or you can use some models from Tool Box.

Enjoy creating and once again, good job on your place :heart:


Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Also, don’t be afraid to use Models from the Tool Box. After all, players pay attention to the gameplay, not to all the models that have been used in developing the game.


I like the build but a lot of stuff is open. Other than just trees, make some rocks, or anything else you can desire!

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-Add borders to the windows will make it look cool
-design the roof better rather than just using wedges and parts, make it like a triangle
-the space is pretty empty, you could add more terrain or stuff to make it more interesting
other than that, you got a great start :+1:


Add more decor in the background. Also, the bushes are just sphere meshes, that could use some tweaking. Otherwise, it’s good!

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Models do sometimes have viruses in them, but some models I can learn from aren’t that bad, so I totally agree with you.

You could always use a terrain plugin like Atrazines terrain to add more to those flat areas around the city. That plugin creates a more cartoony look which seems to be what you are going for.

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Keep in mind that you can always use Explorer window to view a model in detail, if you aren’t sure about a model’s safety you can check it from scripts. Most of the so called “virused models” are just simple models but with scripts in them which will make players buy some stuff with robux, usually indicated in a script by the word Marketplace. If you see a script in a model that includes this, remove the script ASAP.

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Trees look a bit weird, maybe add textures to the trees? And the lamp post don’t look like lamp posts at all, because of the yellow sphere thing. Try and make the material neon. But the work is great. Better than my builds, anyway, LOL. I also suggest that you add more things to the map, like playgrounds?

I like the low poly and cartoonish feel. However, I think if you add some more detail and make the houses less boxy and add more like depth (like window crosses that standout) it would be better.

Overall, I like the theme