Modernized Roblox Studio UI

I’m learning how to master UI Design, and I made a modern-looking Roblox Studio. Tell me what you think. I didn’t put most features in as that would be a lot of labor.


I got the idea to make this by
va1kio, he inspired the launch screen.


I would be on Studio all day if the UI looked like this :smiley: It’s very clean and welcoming to the eyes. You do you :slight_smile:


Looks really great. Maybe Roblox should be paying you for it.

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Look cool but I see many flaws (text color, sizing, etc…).

Its a very clean and easy to look at design. I would enjoy studio more if it looked like this :smiley:


It’s a good design, but I don’t think the current one is bad or needs to be replaced. Roblox Studios UI is actually pretty good/nice compared to a lot of other engines out there.

Your design in my opinion is equivalent in quality, maybe a little bit more aesthetically pleasing in some parts.

Very good job though on the design it self. :slight_smile:


That looks AMAZING, although a full version of this would have more icons made for it. I wish this was a real program.

I’m guessing you took inspiration from MS Word

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I would be a bit glad if you at least credit’d me for the design, for the launch screen…

Well, I guess that’s how DevForum works. sigh.


Wondering how long it would take to get a reply to a admin on your post…

This is so relaxing to look at, when I look back at studio, I can’t… :pensive:
It seems that the outlines in the current Roblox studio makes the UI look quite bad. (Just my opinion.)
I took a screenshot and edited the picture to no longer have the outlines, and say no more. It looks absolutely stunning.

With outlines:

No outlines: (Moved some little bits as well.)

I still prefer your design though. Yours looks so much more appealing.

I’ve seen a similar launch screen like yours before, make sure to credit them for inspiration/“references”. va1kio would be glad if you did.

very nice :open_mouth: what’s the process of making it ?

It looks really good right now! I like it a lot! Really clean etc.

I added you in the post for credit. Yeah, I got the idea to make this by seeing your post lol.

Somebody get David Baszucki in here! So eye pleasing and clean. Keep it up!

Full disclosure: I’m not part of the Design team

I really like the splash/launch screen, my only suggestion for the light mode is to make the text of “Featured” and “Recently Opened” darker for accessibility as it’s very hard to see in its current state (at least to me).

I also really like the look of having “Roblox Studio” written out in the title bar in addition to the Roblox Studio icon.

Keep up the awesome work!


Pass it on to the design team Bc studio really needs a new design :joy_cat: