Moltè Community Rules

Information below explains rules we have put in place to keep employees and customers safe while online at our games. If you need clarification, contact a corporate manager or higher ranked employee on our communications hub!

:clipboard: COMMUNITY RULES:

  1. Player(s) are asked to be respectful and accepting of each other while at Moltè, and to respect Moltè as a virtual online representation of a company.

  2. Player(s) are asked to refrain from exploiting (bypassing the original games intention). Exploitation will result in an instant and permanent termination from our games.

  3. Player(s) harassment is not tolerated in Moltè games. It is our mission to provide players with a safe environment to meet new people and communicate with friends.

  4. Player(s) continuously spamming text or a set phrase will be dealt with under the general warning system. This system outlines 3 warnings and a kick, then a ban.

  5. Player(s) advertising offsite links or scam locations will be terminated from our games. Refrain from entering offsite links that are not apart of official Moltè documents.

While at our games, if you fracture a rule continuously, you will be removed from the game(s) in accordance to the general warning system. If you believe you were processed under the community rules incorrectly, please head to the Moltè Form Center and submit a ban appeal; this does not guarantee that you will become unbanned.

If a player(s) is bothering you in-game or fracturing the community rules, you can also go to the Moltè Form Center and submit a player report form, allowing us to handle the situation for you. This is the most effective way to report someone.

Best Wishes,
Moltè Senior Management