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Monetize your experience with an advanced donation board capable of multiple tasks for free.

Tax Conversion & Sort Order

Display donor donations after tax or sort them in ascending/descending order.

Disclaimer: Roblox, Sharkblox, & DenisDaily didn’t donate, those were just for testing.

Adjustable Settings

Modify the donation board to fit your experience such as: Themes, Rig Types, Leaderstats, etc.

Disclaimer: Settings is only accessible inside of studio to prevent exploitation.

Celebratory Chat Message

Make custom messages to display on every donation! {player} = player / {robux} = amount

User-Friendly Developer Products

Go through all your developer products and enable/disable them without memorizing the ID.

Disclaimer: Developer Products are only accessible inside of studio to prevent exploitation.

Customizable Rigs

You’re able to create multiple rigs of the same rank, top 100 ranks, or change the stand.

Installation Process

Insert file as a descendant of workspace (Can be in folders/models)
Enable API Service in game settings
Make sure you have developer products


@mark80912 for brilliant ideas and testing
@moeny_official for assisting in testing
@majtimo45 for assisting in testing
@zeyan200_gotdeleted for assisting in testing

Youtube Tutorial

If you need a visual guide to get started, I’ve made a video just for that!

Final Notes

This donation board was released June 1st, 2024 so it is fairly recent and might contain bugs. Please give feedback on bugs or improvements for the board!

Additional updates are on their way such as light mode, transparency, super messages, and much more so keep an eye out!

More features exist within the board, I’ve showcased the main features that make the board different from your usual donation boards.


Great job, man! This looks pretty neat


Looks awesome! I will 100% have to try this out.

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:ledger: Patch Notes

:hammer: Changes

Added :AdvanceToNextPageAsync() when finding developer products, which will now correctly display all your developer products.

:construction: Fixes

Selecting R6 will no longer have your rigs float in midair.

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For people curious about the commands listed within settings, here is a quick wiki:

:zap: CAUTION (Studio Only)

The transfer command does reset 3.0 data, so write down your 3.0 donations on a piece of paper before using this command.

//transferdata -> Converts 2.0 into 3.0 data and overwrites current 3.0 data

:speech_balloon: Extra Commands (Studio Only)

We give you extra commands to use for better control of your donation board!

//setdata username: string value: number -> Sets their donated value in-game
//removedata username: string -> Wipes their data from the Donation Board
//adddata username: string value: number -> Adds robux to their current amount
//subtractdata username: string value: number -> Subtracts robux from their current amount

Commands work for both the new & legacy chat system



Is this the command to trigger donations?

function Methods.ProcessReceipt( receipt: any )

The parameter being:

receipt = {
["CurrencySpent"] = 5,
["CurrencyType"] = Enum.CurrencyType.Robux,
["PlaceIdWherePurchased"] = 2899609,
["PlayerId"] = 1109183244,
["ProductId"] = 667425168,
["PurchaseId"] = ???

Actually, what I mean to ask is, how would you trigger a donation without actually making a real purchase?

Is there a way to make this gui form?

I thought if you made purchases in Studio it will test them out and not charge you…

Also does the download link work for other people?

I get

The download link doesnt work for me either. Any purchases in studio are’nt permanent

I think it is a global roblox issue going on now… so will try again later

Never mind. It will.

Next question though: how can I trigger the donation if the player buys the donation game pass not from the GUI but from somewhere else? I’d like to still trigger the donation event.

Anyone figured that one out?


It appears that this asset could be auto-updating. I found a work around to not make it auto-update because I think it may be a security hazard. If anyone wants to know more just reply me but it’s just a small little tidbit that I noticed!

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This looks awesome, the UI is amazing. I love how modern it looks and the overall vibe. I would definitely use this in my games.

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We’ll be happy to create a remote event in the future that’ll trigger donations externally!

May DM the OP of what you found, so that if they think it is needed to add, they can add it for us all.

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It’s not needed, we already added this feature into studio, but currently, it’s waiting to be released with version 3.5 where we introduce new major features.

Meaning in the future, you can turn off auto-updating and know that auto-updating is actually turned off? I just think it’s a security hazard so would love for that feature to be off and only upgrade things myself.

On the other hand, if I have another donate button in another location of my experience, can I call this function right now: function Methods.ProcessReceipt( receipt: any ) to process the donation and it will go through the system as-if it was done from the GUI??? (I know you’re working on this feature for future versions but right now is this the duct-tape solution that I can use?)

You could use that method, but you’ll have to give it all the information that it needs to work.

Side note: I was talking about the external donation, for auto-update you can download the main module and use that to disable auto-updating.

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As long as it is a gamepass and information associated with a gamepass, it would work…am I right?

This is the main module that you are talking about, correct? MAIN MODULE

If that’s the case, maybe you should also include that in your main post.

Thanks a lot!

That’s indeed the module, listed as the black button </> near the title.

Additionally, the donation board uses developer products, not gamepasses so I’m unsure if the receipt information works on that function.

If you meant developer products but used the word gamepass, my bad for misunderstanding

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Notifying people tracking this post, we’ve fixed the R6 positioning being twice as high!

Additionally, we’ve fixed the 50+ developer products not displaying :+1: