MonoView: System Shutdown | Progress Update #1

Hey there!

I am @WaterCanxiety, currently, I am developing a game called MonoView: System Shutdown, with my friend @signupredirectlol.

In the past, there have been progress updates made for this, but this project was semi-abandoned for around 7 months due to the reason of moving on to other projects.

We recently decided to make this our current project and remake our old code to at least give a small peak at it to the public.
The only things re-did were the code, UI, and current title change.

What is MonoView: System Shutdown?
A Nullxiety type game involving challenges, parkour, and things that are still being decided.
Credit to the Nullxiety / Nullwork game created by Nullxiety on Roblox.

When will it be released?
That is undecided as well if at most 2023 would be possible.

I’ve also made the decision to show some of the current beginning gameplay, this does involve spoilers but some gameplay may be changed in the future so do not expect everything to be as is when demo/released.


The gameplay is also released for constructive feedback. This is major to us as this can help decide or help certain aspects of the game look and feel more immersive.

The game is unfinished, so please understand some things like the building/lighting are bland looking, and the current environment is subject to extensive future change.
Also do note the current game’s UI was created on a smaller aspect which is why it looks off-centered or spaced out.


  • The game may have horror/adrenaline-felt parts.

  • The development will be slow as we are students and just generally have lives.

  • You can reach us on Discord or Roblox, though Discord may be faster
    ( WaterCanxiety#0632 | untrouble#3571 )

Thank you !!


Edit : Didnt read, sorry

Looks cool cant wait to see

note: this game has been on hold for a little bit to work on something else, you might not see progress on this for a bit

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