Monsters of Etheria Attributions

This contains a list of various assets used in Monsters of Etheria.

EZ Camera Shake” by Road Turtle Games and ported by Crazyman32.

Sound effects from freesound:

  • “Videogame Menu Button Clicking Sound 11” by Christopherderp | License: CC0
  • “SFX UI Button Click” by suntemple | License: CC0
  • “Collecting measure-tape” by davidkyoku | License: CC0

In May 2021, we were informed that the soundtrack provided to us by our composer Runetooth was made up of stolen music. The tracks have been removed from Monsters of Etheria and Runetooth has been permanently fired from our development team. Below are links to the offending tracks, in order to provide attributions for their usage in the past.

“Start (Forward OST)” by 1f1n1ty:
“Break (Forward OST)” by 1f1n1ty:
“Cabbage (Forward OST)” by 1f1n1ty:
“Remembrance” by 1f1n1ty:
“Space Melodies” by 1f1n1ty:
“Calygon” by 1f1n1ty:
“Risen Cubes” by 1f1n1ty:
“Abandoned” by 1f1n1ty:
“Walkaround” by 1f1n1ty & mistmurk:
“Ivory Dance” by 1f1n1ty & Miyolophone:
"Market Day (KindLing AOS1) by Miyolophone: Miyolophone - Market Day (KindLing A0S1) - YouTube
““Crimson” - Super Metroid: Red Brinstar [REMIX]” by nokbrient, original by Kenji Yamamoto: "Crimson" - Super Metroid: Red Brinstar [REMIX] - YouTube