Monthly Game Stats Data not available for February 2020

Our game Lumberjack Legends does have reports for December 2019 and January 2020, but the February 2020 report is missing.

See screenshot:

I have searched the forum and seen that the Monthly Game Stats Data had some problems mid 2019. But nothing since then.

Some people mention that the game needs to have a certain level of popularity to get the report, I think that we qualify since the visit count was 300% higher in Feb than it was in Jan, and we got the report for Jan.

As far as I can see, this is caused by either:

  1. The report is generated with a delay (currently 2 days and counting), then information about this should be added to the download report page to avoid confusion

  2. There is a bug so the report is not generated, then this should be fixed.


An update is that Feb 2020 has still not been generated and also that this now also applies to March 2020.

This is weird. I don’t even have any months to select from!

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 3.07.01 PM

It seems like this feature is only available for the top 10k games. This means that if your game is not in the top 10.000 by gameplay time, it will not have a monthly game stats report.

I already seem to have the February 2020 report in hands, but March’s report is still missing.


The February report is available for us now, so it appeared sometime between the 2nd April and now.

So seems to be one month delay.

March is still missing.

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