Moon Animator 2 Animations Player [Beta]

I made a Module that can play Moon Animator 2 animations. Normally, you could make animations for a rig with Moon Animator, but with this plugin you can make cutscenes that work in game!
Here is the Module:

Instructions How To Use

I would Recommend to put Module in ReplicatedStorage, cuz why not.

  1. When you make animation and you save it, you should find it in game.ServerStorage.MoonAnimatorSaves
  2. Copy your animation to ReplicatedStorage.
  3. Then play your animation using :Play(YourAnimationHere) on PlayMoonAnimation Module.
Preview (idk why but it lags)

Remember that this is Beta so there might be some bugs. If you find a bug then Reply to this Topic and provide as many information as you can.

Thanks for using it.
I mean, i don’t know if you are using it but i will pretend that yes.

Oh, and here is Example place which you can copy:
Moon Animator Player - Roblox


Does this module have a function that resets the rigs to their original position/rotation? Or do the Motor6Ds stay at the last frame of the animation forever?

they stay at the last frame forever

i have a question. where do you put :Play and how do you trigger the animation? because I think it played when u touched a part?

Animation Plays after 10 seconds when you join the game. If you don’t know how to play animation then you can copy example place and learn from it.

How to play animations on other characters or models?