Moon Animator and Animation Editor Discrepancy

Hi everyone!

Lately, I’ve had an issue regarding a chain that I created in Blender and the way its animations appear in-game. For context, I created the chain’s animations using Moon Animator.

This is how I’d like my chains to appear in-game (exactly as they were created in Moon Animator):

The issue that I have is that the animation does not appear in the way it should. This is a video of the CloseChain animation that I was showing in the first video, but incorrectly playing in-game:

Now, I did consider the possibility that my animations’ priorities were messed up in some way, or that their weights had something to do with it; however, altering these things in many different ways did not change the outcome at all (or, made it even worse). I believe I have disqualified the possibility of something script-related being the issue.

A little debugging seemed to show that my animations created in Moon Animator did not replicate themselves the same way in the Roblox Animator – specifically, the positions of the bones on the chain were not properly replicated, and prevented the chain from extending/receding (although the angles of the bones seemed fine.) I’m not quite sure what exactly causes this to happen, but I feel like this is specifically a Moon Animator problem. Here’s a video of how my animations appear in the Roblox Animation Editor:

With all of this said, is there anyone who has ran into a similar problem like this where their animation’s bones’ positions aren’t being shown properly, and if so, did you find out how to fix it? Perhaps you may have suggestions on what to do, or maybe I have used Moon Animator incorrectly? I’ve tried searching for about 20 minutes on anyone else having a similar problem but I could not find anything on the forums. I’d appreciate any possible help on the matter, since this is really important to my game’s development. Thank you!

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I am having this problem too, its with a custom rig animated in Moon Animator not showing the same animation in game. Let me know if you find a solution!

Hey, it’s been almost a week since I made this post. It’s super unfortunate, but the only solution I found was just remaking the rig animations using Roblox’s Animator instead (extremely limiting I know!) I really think this is a bug with Moon Animator as a plugin, and we can’t do anything much about it for now. Best of luck to you!

thank you so much! ill try that now