More control over occlusion culling

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to reliably use the camera with field of views below 20 (possibly higher).

This feature request is a follow-up of this thread:

Currently I am working on a small project which requires a very low field of view but also requires the camera to be positioned at a much greater distance from the character. The main reason for this is that it gives the impression of an isometric view. More features could be tagged along with this feature request in terms of more support for camera view methods such as isometric, however I believe culling to be one of the biggest problems as it can make it very difficult if not impossible for a player to play.

Here is a screenshot of the issue I am having:



As you can see, this is quite a problem and I can’t think of any solutions to this.
One idea buildthomas had was to detect what graphics quality setting a user has to then determine whether or not the FoV should be increased, however I found that this doesn’t solve the issue because it can occur even if the users graphics quality is set to automatic. (Well it’s not even related to the graphics quality, I think it’s related to the users system, correct me if I am wrong.)

Anyways, as you have seen, this issue limits what a develop can do with the camera and I really want more control over how parts are culled.

In my case, culling isn’t even required as I plan on removing objects that the player isn’t suppose to see anyways.

So the main suggestion I have is that we should be able to control the distance in which parts are culled and even disable this all together.

Thanks for taking the time to hear me out, if anyone knows any other solutions to this let me know.


Maybe what we really need is an orthographic projection mode for cameras so we don’t have to move them thousands of studs away to make decent looking isometric games


Thats what we really need.

Try setting the Focus property of the camera to a part in or near the scene.

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I came her to echo spaces advice.
Roblox uses the Focus property if the camera to make decisions to Cull stuff like this. Make sure it’s being updated to your scene if you aren’t already.

I did try this, however nothing changed.

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That brings back nightmares of GCSE Level Design & Technology :crying_cat_face:

@Kiesere That’s a really nice place idea. I tried something similar (regarding to isometric), and it wasn’t possible because of glitches like this. Hopefully ROBLOX can consider this in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

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