More fleshed out plugin rating system

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to get a good gauge of a plugin with the current 2 option rating system. This affects not just the user reviewing the plugin, but the plugin’s developer, and anyone looking to buy it.

The following list is a more detailed breakdown on who this affects, and why:

  • Plugin Developers: As a plugin developer, it’s currently impossible to get a good understanding on how much a user enjoyed my plugin, but also what exactly their problem was. When users (especially young) are left with either a like or dislike button, I feel that more often would lead them to hit dislike where in other 5 or 10 point rating systems, they’d give a 60 or 80%. This leaves you with plugins rated an average of 40% when really they should be closer to 70+

  • Reviewers: Leaving reviewers with an option of “Like or Dislike” with no way to leave a review makes it near impossible to post bug reports, or make feature suggestions like you’d be able to in, say, or the AppStore, or really anywhere else currency is exchanged for goods. While this could be done in the comments of the plugin, the issue is commenters are allowed to post regardless of whether or not they’ve purchased the plugin, and often fill the board with spam. The comments section also doesn’t allow for replies, so good luck remembering to check that one plugin you left a comment on a month ago to see if the developer left a response!

  • Consumers: Consumers have the same problem as the plugin’s developer where they can’t get an accurate reading on how much and what users liked/disliked about a plugin.

My solution - I believe the plugin marketplace should implement a 1-5 star rating system, as well as a required review field whenever rating a plugin. This should alleviate all the problems discussed above, and is honestly long overdue.

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But how do we keep the noobs who don’t know how to even open the plugin excluded from the rating system? They’re not reliable users and should not even be using the plugin if they don’t know how to click a simple button in the toolbar.

But anyways, I do agree with a five-star rating system. A survey would be even better, but that might be pushing the limit.

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That’s what my feature request is for. Rather than a user simply hitting the thumbs down button and that being all, they’d be required to provide feedback to the developer about why they didn’t like it. If implemented correctly, the developer would be able to respond and hopefully clear confusion.