More icons for in-game player list for game developers and other content creators

Hello Developers,

Roblox has several ways to get a unique icon next to your username in-game, but this could be used more often for developers and other kinds of content creators. Right now they are only used for interns, Roblox staff members, and influencers in the Star program, i.e.:

  • Staff member:
  • Star Program influencer:
  • Intern:

Icons on the leaderboard could make it easier for content creators and developers to get noticed and can also serve a verification purpose. It would therefore be convenient for these groups to see more new icons for different roles appear on the leaderboard.

Here are a couple of suggestions, but forum members are free to suggest others below:

  • Previous official event developers
  • RDC attendee (for some months after RDC)

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve the development experience of developers and other content creators, because it will be easier for them to stand out in games based on their achievements / recent activities, and to verify their identity to other users without much effort.