More of an official way to read the user's graphics level

I’d like to scale the interval/range of certain effects in my game based on the graphics quality level set in the Game Settings menu.
The problem is, if it gets set to Automatic, there’s no clear way to detect what its level is.
Could we have a method under the UserGameSettings that returns an estimate of what the graphics quality level is?


I think it would make sense for RenderSettings.QualityLevel to not be set to Enum.QualityLevel.Automatic when the user sets it at Automatic, but rather to the level that it actually is at then.


The proposal isn’t to change the behavior of the property. OP is asking for a method that returns the quality level the game is currently running at.


I understand but I remarked that developers can’t actually tell anything from the QualityLevel being at Automatic, so it might as well be changed that way instead of including an entirely new property or method for it.

It isn’t so much as a behaviour change but rather an extension, because as a developer you would just see a quality level instead of Automatic. It doesn’t break any existing code and solves the issue at the same time.


Another thread was brought up regarding this:

Would be great if the behavior was changed to what buildthomas suggested.


Necrobump this would still be suuuuuper useful. I’m working on a chunking system for a game and I wanted to tie in the distance to the users graphics settings but on automatic I have no actual clue where their quality level is at.


Yet again another necrobump for a super useful feature. My use case would be a buoy mimicking the waves of the Terrain water. Currently, there was a post made that had a function that returned the wave height for that position, but it only works on graphics level 10. The waves get smaller for lower graphics levels.

Not returning Automatic would allow me to actually have waves in my water.


I hadn’t even realized how old the thread was until I saw “3 years later.”

This should definitely be a thing since “Automatic” currently doesn’t return anything other than “Automatic.”


Considering I don’t have the permissions to post in engine features, I would really want this to be added.

Right now I am trying to modify the brightness depending on the level of graphics the user has set because it looks really different using future. I have an issue with lighting being too bright in graphics <= 4 but correct in anything above 4.

Roblox, please consider this. It’s really frustrating as to not be able to adapt the gameplay accordingly to the user’s experience. My system is only setup to correctly set respective lighting values if and only if they have manual mode on, and I can only do a rough average if they are in automatic.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for to be able to read what level they are on.


Second this

Trying to implement software occlusion that derives render distance from graphics quality - only way around this at the moment is to provide a superfluous setting on top of the saved quality level.

Would also like to use this feature for other aspects of my game, e.g. render distance for vfx, max particulate count, ocean tile size etc etc.

I can’t seem to find any other thread where an employee has replied. Just wondering, is this one in the low priority backlog or is there a reason this can’t be implemented?

Not sure if I should track this thread for a future update, or to just forget about it and go with the extra setting

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Would 100% rather hear a reason as to why this can’t be implemented. At least an insight on why this isn’t possible or difficult to implement.